10 Best Canoe Accessories Review

Your Fishing Tools: 10 Best Canoe Accessories Review

Written by Joshua K.


In today’s world of vast variety of fishing accessories, it makes more confusing for the anglers to pick the best one. What teeter is perfect for what screw? What trap to use for what stripe? The questions are multitudinous.

The answers are providentially procurable. So we’re here for you with our reviews on 10 Canoe fishing accessories, that will definitely vanish all your confusions and indecisions in buying the exact tools. To begin with, every expert & experienced Angler always pay attention to the information printed & the setup content provided on the manufacturer’s packaging.

Premier Kayak Detachable Fishing Rod Leash

Premier Kayak Detachable Fishing Rod Leash Accessory leash

Let not that whopper swim away with your favourite fishing rod. You can easily keep it secured to your kayak with our Premier Kayak Detachable Fishing Rod Leash/ Accessory leash.

Premier kayak detachable fishing rod leash is composed of a generous 4 ft of high strength bungee that substantially eliminates tangled lines. 2″ Adjustable strap facilely attaches to lake poles, fly fishing poles, even saltwater rods.

  • Quick release clip detaches easily.
  • It provides with high-grade tubular webbing with a bungee core.
  • It’s Intelligent construction keeps the leash tortile with a minimal profile
  • Limited warranty.

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Scotty 311 Drink Holder and Rod Holder

Scotty 311 Drink Holder with Bulkhead Gunnel Mount and Rod Holder Post Mount - White

The Scotty 311 Drink Holder with Bulkhead Gunnel Mount and Rod Holder Post Mount – White is a commodious accessory rack to dangle lures, kit and kaboodle. It has a deck mounting cleat that can be hitched up with a kayak deck, canoe thwart or on any surface. If you need to mount on a vertical surface or on a horizontal surface, cleat fits both in back or bottom of cup holder respectively.

  • Fits perfectly.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Cup holder is facilely removable.
  • The post mount is useable in any Scotty Rod holder.
  • Limited warranty.
  • Less variety in color.

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Yak Gear Pad Eye Anchor Trolley Kit

Yak Gear Pad Eye Anchor Trolley Kit

Yak Gear Pad Eye Anchor Trolley Kit provides with all stainless steel installation hardware, installation informations and rigging tips from Yak Gear. It’s shipping weight is 7.2 ounces. This anchor trolley system is a unique clothesline type that works as a guided path of nylon pad eyes to choose the best desirable position anywhere from bow to stern.

  • Unique clothesline type makes it perfectly flexible.
  • Provides mounting hardware, pulley & anchor line.
  • Accurate length of trolley makes it much handy to reach anywhere.
  • Limited colors.
  • Waterproof silicone not included.

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Scotty Anchor Pack

Scotty Anchor Pack with 1.5 Pound Line in Watertight Jar

Scotty Anchor Kit Contains 50ft (15m) Premium Nylon line, 1.5lb (0.6kg) Folding anchor, watertight buoyant container which doubles as a bailer and with nylon Snap Hook, for easy attachment to vessel . Best to use in still water.

  • This item is durable.
  • Stows and easily transportable.
  • Everything perfectly fits into the jar.
  • Jar can be clipped to something in the boat to keep it stay in fixed place.
  • The snap hook is yet to arrive.
  • Challenging in much current as it is a bit light & will drag.
  • Instructions on setup or steps to tie an anchor knot is unavailable.

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Scotty Kayak Stabilizer System

Scotty Kayak Stabilizer System

The Scotty #302 Kayak Stabilizer System makes you feel rigid in your Canoe. This Scotty kayak Stabilizer Kit is composed of 2 inflatable pontoons, 2 28″ anodized arms, 4 #241L Locking Combination Side/Deck Mounts, 2 #280 Baitcaster Rod Holders. The #280 Baitcaster Rod Holders hold a baitcaster reels in a cushioned cradle. This Stabilizer System is perfectly adjustable to be fitted on most canoes without drilling holes. The inner bladders are facile to inflate and provides over 30 pounds of extra buoyancy. Each 28″ anodized aluminum support arm has a gear and post system at both ends to fit your stabilizer system perfectly to any watercraft. 30″ long x 8″ diameter (zipper opening) pontoons are made of heavy PVC-coated outer shell substance with a persistent inner bladder

  • Easily inflatable.
  • Perfectly durable.
  • Provides extra elasticity.
  • Proportionately compact.
  • Quickly and easily demountable.
  • Scotty mounts are of high quality.
  • Expensive.
  • Contraction of Kayak.
  • Increases drag extremely.

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Old Town Side Saddle Canoe Motor Mount

Old Town Side Saddle Canoe Motor Mount

This Old Town Side Saddle Canoe motor mount drifts the motor away from the side of the canoe making it more convenient to operate the motor driving forward. Installing & removing are both swift and simple. The cast aluminum bracket won’t rust and the hardwood block provides with a sure mounting surface for electric motors.This heavy-duty, rust-free aluminum bracket has the capacity to clench engines up to 3HP. (HorsePower)

  • Less expensive.
  • Installation is easy.
  • Facilely adjustable.
  • Lightweight & durable.
  • Removal is swift & simple.
  • Helps to add power and versatility.
  • Rocks when worked too quickly.
  • Doesn”t fit in all types of canoes.
  • Unsuitable in Wood Trimmed Canoes or Aluminium trimmed Canoes.

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Paddle Ski Electric Motor Mount

Sea Eagle Paddle Ski Inflatable Kayak Electric Motor Mount

This PaddleSki Electric Motor Mount is perfectly handy to be used for Sea Eagle Motormount boats.It’s best for electric motors with up to 85lbs-thrust. It’s composed of coated marine plywood & stainless-steel components, like: Aluminium.

  • Aluminum coated.
  • Excellent durability.
  • Best for electric motors with up to 85Ibs of thrust.
  • Well designed weight of battery ensure a balanced ride.
  • Perfectly fitted mount for Sea Eagle Motormount boats.
  • Can’t perform with gas engines.
  • Applicable only for electric motors.
  • Mount doesn’t contain the motor nor the battery box.

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Old Town Canoe Motor Mount

Old Town Canoe Motor Mount

This Old Town Canoe Motor Mount provides more power & versatility to your canoe on water.It has a capacity to hold engine upto 3hp(horsepower) with it’s heavy-duty aluminium bracket.This motor mount facilates you to attach a gas/electric engine with your Canoe.

  • More durable.
  • Improved design.
  • Fits without tweak.
  • Lighter to handle smoothly.
  • Faster & ready to fish without any trouble.
  • Can be attached to both gas or electric engines.
  • It blow smoke in water when engine is on full power.
  • This can’t be applicable to anything except small electric trolling motor.
  • The metal piece which holds the weight of the outboard, bends much which is risky.

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Scotty Rodmaster II Rod Holder Black

Scotty Rodmaster II Rod Holder Black with 241 Side Deck Mount

This Scotty Rodmaster II Rodholder black with 241 side deck mount has Bolting Dimensions: 1 5/16 inches x 3 3/16 inches 10 inches tube.It provides with strength resilience and steadfastness. This Rod holders can easily mount homemade outriggers to your Canoe while still fishing.

  • High quality.
  • It doesn’t mismash around.
  • Perfectly functional for trolling.
  • It’s substantial & perfectly flexible.
  • It’s firm, heavy, well engineered, and huge.
  • Excellent & exactly fit for Canoes & Kayaks.
  • Limited warranty.
  • No more variety of color.
  • In some white water rapids when a rock is hit,it ripped the bottom post threads off

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Pelican Paddle Boat Motor Mount


Pelican Paddle Boat motor mount provides with stainless steel. Perfectly applicable for small electric motor to be used on Pelican Paddle boats. It supports for using of small electric motor on Designed to fit Monaco, Monaco DLX, Rainbow, Rainbow DLX, Decker, Fiji and Fiji DLX models

  • High quality.
  • Reduce workload with perfect application of electric motor.
  • Support in using small electric motor on Pelican pedal boat.
  • Expensive product.
  • Dismounted on Breeze & Cascade models.
  • Can’t be used with gas powered outboards.

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When millions of people are choosing fishing as their most preferred activity, the perfect selection of tools makes it effective in gaining a successful angling experience.

Canoe and it’s fishing accessories is effectively portable, which makes them more desirable for anglers. Canoe selection, propulsion, handling & good positioning of the canoe are the toughest challenges. Wishing that these informations of Canoe fishing accessories will definitely increase your chances of catching fish dramatically. Let’s rise & shine, it’s fishing time. Happy Angling!

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