Five Best Lightweight Kayaks in the Market
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Five Best Lightweight Kayaks in the Market

Written by Joshua K.

When you go out for kayaking tour, you might have to carry or transport your kayak to the water. A heavy kayak can ruin your entertainment when you lift it up and try to carry. You may be stuck home for couple of days suffering from shoulder ache after carrying a heavy kayak and thus your whole plan and feat of entertainment may result in physical stress.

Lightweight Kayaks

Only a lightweight kayak can give you the certainty of your fullest entertainment even if you are to carry your kayak for some reasons. A lightweight kayak eases your actions of whole plan of kayaking since you need not to bother about its carriage and whenever needed, you can shut your kayaking and go back your home for any urgent need or emergency. Besides, a woman can now do kayaking by herself all alone since she should not need any male counterpart to help her carrying a kayak.

A Lightweight Kayak Is:

  • Similar to almost all other kayaks with sit in top or sit in kayak feature.
  • You can pedal or paddle it with functioning maneuverability.
  • You can do everything with it starting from wandering on the water, angling, photography etc.
  • The best choice for a short day trip.
  • It allows you to carry the kayak on your shoulder very easily.
  • Best for beginners and experts too.
  • Sometimes foldable, shrinkable and becomes easier for carrying.
  • Of different techniques to lift and carry.
  • Comfortable, slim, and easy for paddling and most entertaining.

Reasons That Drive You To Purchase A Lightweight Kayak:

  • There are a number of reasons you should want to buy a lightweight kayak. For instance:
  • It is best for those who are new in kayaking.
  • It is best for women since they won’t need any counterpart for helping in carrying the kayak.
  • A lightweight kayak is comfortable.
  • It is sometimes foldable that eases the transportability very much.
  • You will not feel stressed right after carrying it.
  • Physical fatigue may not chase you after very quickly once you choose a lightweight kayak for your kayaking.
  • Having slim body, it enables you to do almost everything while kayaking.

How Do We Select The Best Lightweight Kayak For You?

While our experts and researchers started their study on the best lightweight kayak, they have taken some important factors under their consideration. Based on the following factors, we have selected the best lightweight kayak for you.


The very first thing our researchers have thought about the kayaks was its sleek design. A kayak must have to be as slim as it can be possible to carry on shoulder. They have considered both man and woman so that everybody can carry a lightweight kayak. The heavy kayaks have been kept out of consideration while researching.

Merely a slim kayak may not easily be bearable if it is not full of comfort. A well designed lightweight kayak can be carried if it is comfortable. This is why comfort has been judged after its slimness.


Our researchers have looked into the size of kayak since a long and tall kayak may not be comfortable to carry. Even though it is slim, big sized kayak can create discomfort.

Storage Space

Although a lightweight kayak is slim, but our experts have also seen how a slim and lightweight kayak can maximize its storage space capacity for the best use.

Sitting System
SIK and SOK are the two sitting systems of kayaks. Our experts have tested that whether sit-in-kayak or sit-on-kayak could be better than each other while floating on surface.
Field Test
Different lightweight kayaks from different brands were sent to water to keenly observe their performances.

Endurance Capacity
The perfection and easiness of the maneuverability has also been a subject to study for the lightweight kayaks.

Cost Effectiveness

Our designated experts have studied the cost effectiveness so that the kayaks can provide maximum support with as minimum cost as possible albeit being slim, comfortable and not much long in size.

The Best Lightweight Kayak

We have selected some of the best lightweight kayaks for this review from the best kayaks thoroughly tested and recommended by our features. We are suggesting 3 best lightweight kayaks considering your purchasing ability whether moderate or high. They are drawn out below with their specifications and unique features.

The Sojourn 135:

The Sojourn 135

It is a quick and responsive day touring lightweight kayak. All levels of skilled paddlers irrespective of age and gender can operate it. The 24″ beam provides reassuring initial stability, and the chines provide excellent control while carving edge turns. It offers high initial stability pared with excellent speed and agility.

It is long enough to hold its own against most kayaks you’ll encounter on the water and short enough to easily hang on the garage wall. Thanks to its awesome design, The Sojourn 135 is fast, comfortable and responsive. From calm rivers and lakes to ocean with treacherous waves, it shows equal performance of speed, maneuverability and agility.. Online markets offer you this kayak at $1259 plus $69 shipping charge. To know more about this kayak, you can search on the manufacturer’s website.

A video review can illustrate its ins and outs more quickly if you watch.

  • Rudder/Skeg Option: Yes Smart Track.
  • Bulkheads: ABS Plastic Bow & Stern.
  • Hatches: 10” Bow Bulkhead & 16” Oval Stern.
  • Deck Bungee Rigging: Bow & Stern.
  • Outfitting: Airestream Seatback System and thigh braces.
  • Twist lock foot brace system.
  • Plastic Grab Handle: Bow & Stern.
  • Security Bar.
  • Perimeter Safety lines: Bow  & Stern
  • Its short inside storage capacity won’t let you take many necessities for your trip.
  • Congested foot area may result in physiological fatigue in a long day tour.

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Little Wing 12.5:

This solo lightweight kayak is best for small to medium sized paddlers and is especially popular among women. It is a sit-inside touring kayak with a round hull. It’s plastic one person seating arrangement is spacious and comfortable. Its designers have done an amazing job by giving it a sleek sturdy design making it perfect for speed and long distance kayaking session. It’s aerodynamic shape, raised bow and low-draught keel has allowed it to give extreme maneuverability i the rough waters.

It has also more storage spaces than average kayaks -enabling the kayaker to store enough supplies for long distance travelling. However, besides all these mindblowing storage facilities this excellent lightweight weighs only 22 pounds. All levels of skilled paddlers can paddle it. Being one of the lightest kayaks in the market, it costs much more than other. You may purchase it by $3985 from the manufacturer’s website. 

This video can show its performance on water.

  • Easily car toppable even on SUVs.
  • Two watertight hatches with dual gasketing giving extra protection.
  • Two rigid carbon fiber bulkheads.
  • Carbon fiber seat with Mini cell padding.
  • Mini cell hip and thigh pads fitted with the kayak
  • Fitted with Easy to adjust SEA-LECT foot braces.
  • Solid carbon fiber tracking fin for superb agility.
  • Not a good choice for tall and healthy person.
  • Can give less thrilling experience in placid water.

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Santee 116:

Santee 116

Although not a tandem kayaks its massive cockpit is designed to accommodate extra features and supplies such as fishing gears, cooler even small child or a pet. It’s lightweight thermoformed body ensures marvellous tracking and maneuverability. It is leaner, longer and faster most of its counterparts which gives it agility and speed. Again, its spacious cockpit ensures that it is also equally stable in calm or moving waters.

Its lucrative exterior and amplified adjustable seat are some of its unique features. It can be one of the best choices for the kayakers looking for the best lightweight kayak in an affordable price. You can purchase it from online markets at $899 with $69 shipping charge. Learn more from the manufacturer’s official website.

You can take more visual idea from this video.

  • Aerodynamic design ensures low wind effect.
  • Easy adjustment and access to all the features from the cockpit.
  • Fitted Comfortable grip for carrying purpose
  • Easy entry and exit; accommodates small child or pet along with the kayaker
  • Spacious deck storage for dry bag & gear.
  • Accessibility of the foot pedals is cumbersome.
  • The material is fairly soft.

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Little Wing Tandem:

Lightweight tandem kayaks are rare and most of them are not up to the mark in terms of performance and physical strength. This is because maintaining the perfect balance between lightweight while accommodating more than one person with enough storage facility and gears is really difficult. However, the designers of Little Wing Tandem Kayak has won these challenges remarkably. This is the lightest but most effective double seated touring kayak in the market. Its unique design with a V shape hull and padded seating gives it a perfect blend of speed, stability, and maneuverability.

Fitted with a rudder, this kayak gives extra maneuverability and relative safety for the kayakers. With long, sleek design, It is destined to travel long distances in all kinds of waterfronts. Although extremely lightweight this tandem kayak can carry up to staggering 600 lbs of goods in it. It also has more storage space than the average kayaks. However, this rare and highly sought after kayak is also very expensive. You can purchase is it from the manufacturer’s website by $7485. 

To know more about this kayak and its performance on water with sail check this video.

  • Can be carried easily on vehicles even on SUVs.
  • Two watertight hatches with dual gasketing.
  • Three rigid carbon fiber bulkheads.
  • Easy to adjust SEA-LECT foot braces for both the passengers
  • Solid carbon fiber tracking fin.
  • Extensively expensive.
  • Excessive speed may capsize it into the water.
  • Limited functions in calm water.

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It is a sporty, quick and lightweight kayak in a compact package. The 12’6″ length hull of this kayak is compact and lightweight, but still boasts of excellent speed and performance. The 24″ beam provides great initial stability and its effectively placed chine allows the vessel to take sharpest turnings very smoothly.

These features make it highly suitable for ocean tours in any weather condition. It is designed for single smaller paddlers in size. You can buy it from the online markets at $1119 and $69 additional shipping charge.  You can learn more about it from the manufacturer’s website.

This video can introduce you more practically with this kayak.

  • Intelligently shaped hull design offers an excellent base to stand up on.
  • Highly versatile.
  • Adequate space for multiple anglers.
  •  Adequate support enables kayakers to sit while fishing without the mental stress to worry about tipping the kayak.
  •   Sufficient water-tight compartments for storing things.
  • A good choice for the beginners.
  •  A fishing motor can be added for the rare occasions when paddling is a bit painstaking.
  • Intuitive design perks such as a raised seat to keep people dry when paddling.
  • Drainage plugs are easy to reach.
  • Very limited weight capacity compared to other kayaks.
  • Quite limited functionality in the placid water.

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Comparison Table

Comparing Factor The Sojourn 135 Little Wing 12.5 Santee 116 Little Wing Tandem SOJOURN 126
Number of Paddlers 1 1 1 2 1
Capacity 275 lbs 300 lbs 300 lbs 600 lbs 250 lbs
Length 13`5“ 12`6“ 11`6“ 20` 12`6“
Width 24` 21`5“ 28“ 25` 24“
Weight 45 lbs 22 lbs 38 lbs 42 lbs 43 lbs
Cockpit Size 36″ * 19″ 15 7/16″ * 30 3/4″ 43“* 20.5“ 15 7/16“ * 30 3/4` 36“ * 19“
Price $1259 $3985 $899 $7485 $1119

Doing extensive field works, market researches and product studies; our experts have finalized these 5 of the best lightweight kayaks for you. All of these items are unique with their own features and with any of these vessels, according to your purpose, you can get the best kayaking experience. Whenever you want to go for day tour kayaking, a lightweight kayak can make it easier, safer, stress free and much more comfortable. So, when you feel to buy a lightweight kayak, go through the review and decide comfortably to buy one of these.


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