Five Best Recreational Kayaks Worth Buying
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Five Best Recreational Kayaks Worth Buying

Written by Joshua K.

A holiday with gentle breeze, shining sun over the head and a touch of serenity in mind can only be fulfilled by kayaking on the water; a partner for the whole day on your kayak can add more blissful moments in your memory. All these things will take you apparently to heaven if you have the best recreational kayak with you when you move out to spend the day as planned above.

There are a number of types of kayaks in the market but they all are not meant to give you the best experience for your recreation. Since, Kayaking has already become one of the best means of recreation, why would you keep yourself apart from being a part of this trend? In this review, we are going to take you to a tour through the best recreational kayaks so that your leisure times can be filled with the best kayaking memories.

Introducing a Recreational Kayak:

  • It can both be paddled and pedaled.
  • Preferable for newcomers and also good for experienced kayakers.
  • Easy to maneuver.
  • It can serve any purpose like photography, angling, hunting etc.
  • Purposively designed for high initial stability and light weightage.
  • Easy entrance and exit.
  • Sufficient storage capacity for essential tools, cloths, foods etc. to go for a single day trip.
  • It is best for protected and placid water like ponds, lakes, canals etc.
  • It is a good choice for calm waters which are free from heavy winds or currents.
  • Easy to transport, store and maintain.
  • Affordable purchase rate for every economic class of people.

Best Recreational Kayaks

Unique Features of Recreational Kayak:

A number of reasons should drive you to purchase a recreational kayak. Such as:

  • For the beginners, these safer kayaks are suitable vessels to learn kayaking.
  • Lightweight with comfortable carrying advantage.
  • It can take you to some areas of river which you may not be able to explore by swimming or by river boating.
  • It offers you comparatively cheaper price.
  • The best solution for a lonely or dual short day trip.
  • Both pedaling and paddling systems are available.
  • You have option to choose from sit in or sit on top kayaks.

How We Selected The Best Five For You

Since we care about your recreation and you care about your safety and comfort; we have counted all these parameters when we researched to find the best recreational kayak for you. Our team of experts has considered the following things while they rigorously took the kayaks through different testing.

Sitting Option
In every kayak, there are two available sitting options for you. Sit on Top Kayak (SOK) offers you some nice advantages for the beginners. It is so stable that if you get down to water, take a bath or swim for a while; you can get back on the kayak without capsizing it.

Pedaling becomes more comfortable sitting on Kayak rather than sitting in. Sit in Kayak (SIK) offers you a much drier ride and more storage space inside the kayak. Also paddling sitting in Kayak increases the paddling efficiency.

Storage Space
When you go for kayaking for a recreational purpose, you may want to take some of your favorite stuffs with you. You may want to take some drinks with light foods, lunchboxes, comfortable folding chairs or fishing or diving equipment and probably your pet too.

However, a large storage space makes the kayak heavier which slows down its running ability. So our experts tried to choose the best kayak which could maximize its space capacity without being gigantic in size.


Weight was a crucial parameter in our research because when you opt for recreation, you may have to carry the kayak to the water. It does not seem that always you are residing by a river or canal. You might have to take a ride along with your kayak to reach the river or water shore. A lighter kayak can help you best to entertain yourself with the Kayak.

Field Test

Different kayaks from different brands have been sent to different types of placid water like river, pond, pool, canal or calm bay etc. to observe their performance.

The strength of the kayaks and easiness of maneuvering has also been subject of study while we tested those kayaks.
Cost Effectiveness
We looked forward to suggesting you the best kayaks afforded by minimum cost with maximized capacity.

The Best Recreational Kayaks:

After rigorous research by experts, we have selected 5 kayaks for you as the best of bests based on their features and strengths so that your kayaking day can remind you good old memories for long time.

Wilderness Systems Aspire 105:

Wilderness Systems Aspire 105

It is so good on flat or gently flowing water; it has easy handling and maneuverability with high stability with its strong chine lines and volume. The up-swept bow helps to shed water and the molded-in console. It is equipped with a two-position bottle holder, offers plenty of storage capacities to keep things within easy reach from the cockpit and to accommodate enough supplies.

This kayak with amazing safety features and sturdy design, is an excellent choice both for the beginners and the intermediate paddlers looking for stability and the opportunity to expand their paddling experience beyond flat water. It will cost $755 – $759 in the global online marketplaces.

This video can help you to get introduced about its features and operations.

To know more about this amazing tourer, you can explore the manufacture’s website

  • Drop skeg for increased straight tracking in windy conditions.
  • Fully adjustable AirPro Phase3 seat and comfortable thigh pads.
  • The kayak’s console features two position water bottle holder and two small accessory trays.
  • Multi-adjustable bungee deck rigging for storing your gear such as water bottles and dry bags.
  • Flat hull bottom inspired by the popular Tarpon series provides proven stability.
  • Single seat lightweight kayak with relatively low space and limited weight capacity
  • A bit congested footrest may seem tight during long kayaking session for kayakers with big physique

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Dagger Kayaks 12.0 Axis:

Dagger Kayaks 12.0 Axis

It is designed to travel seamlessly from flat water to moving water. It has unparalleled versatility and is equally agile and maneuverable in all types of waterfronts. This kayak is quite ideal for the diverse type of kayakers who crave relaxing day trips on the lake, but are also thrilled about enjoying the challenge of a moving river.

On lakes, reservoirs, inter coastal waterways, and ponds it provides excellent tracking from a height-adjustable drop skeg that keeps it moving straight.

It has defined chines that superb add maneuverability in troubled and adventurous waterfronts.  The kayak’s axis accepts a spray skirt which enables the kayaker to keep dry while kayaking through moving waters.  Unlike many recreational kayaks it can also be fitted with thigh braces for even more challenging environments.

The new Contour Ergo Outfitting offers amazing comfort and has multi-adjust options for better fit and function and now includes topographical map imagery. Sporty and athletic, it is ideal for the seasoned paddler who likes to do it all or the beginner paddler with a taste and aptitude for adventure.  You can purchase this amazing kayak at the cost of $905 – $909. To know more about this kayak, you can pay a visit to its manufacturer’s website.

  • Versatile boat transitions from flat water to moving water seamlessly.
  • Outfitted with Zone knee/thigh pads and the new Contour Ergo seat system.
  • Height adjustable drop skeg.
  • Slidelock foot braces system
  • Designed entirely for touring; so there is no built in angling and hunting features
  • Limited storage and weight capacity

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Old Town Vapor 10:

Old Town Vapor 10

If you are up to a low budget but efficient recreational kayak this is the best choice for you. It is a compact kayak with a lot of amazing features and offers a stable but efficient ride. It is designed with a big cockpit opening which allows you for easy entry and easy exit as well as accommodating all sizes of paddlers.

It is equipped with a comfortable seat. It can go beyond the basics and getting a workout is as easy as grabbing your water bottle and heading to your nearest body of water. You can purchase it with free shipping charge from the online markets at the cost of $519.94.

This video can give you a virtually illustrative review of this kayak. 

To know more about it, you can explore its manufacturer’s website.

  •  Adjustable Comfort Flex seat.
  • Glide Track foot brace system.
  • Molded-in cockpit tray with cup holder and molded-in paddle rest.
  • Thigh pads
  •  Small, lightweight and equipped with basic features
  • Mostly suitable for kayaking in short distance, calm waters and amateur kayakers

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Trinidad Y0900:

This is able to take 2 adult persons and even a kid on its compact body. This is highly versatile and stable and can be run in all circumstances. It is a paddled kayak and extremely low-draught that is its keel is not far below the waterline enabling it to glide through the water very smoothly. Its unique and spacious hull design and wide rear closet are really useful while having a relaxing kayaking tour.

Trinidad Y0900

The “Fishing” variation of this kayak has a hull shape and fixtures and mounts to make sure that you also can have effective fishing trips. As a unique opportunity this kayak allows you to install a little electric engine for more speed and agility. You can purchase it from the online marketplaces at $619.95 with no shipping charge. Manufacture’s website is a good option for you to learn more about it.

  • Can afford 2 adult and 1 kid.
  • Tri hull Design for maximum rate, convenience, and stability.
  • Safety grab lines and back storage deck standard.
  • Twin Sheet tech for a lighter, stronger, more straightforward to paddle kayak.
  • Integrated footrests for comfortable paddling.
  • It is a bit heavier to carry.
  • Little storage to carry all day tour equipment and tools.

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One Additional Product

Sea Eagle Razorlite 393rl

Sea Eagle Razorlite 393rl

Sea Eagle Razorlite 393rl is the world’s first all Drop Stitch inflatable kayak. This kayak is extremely light, narrow and can be paddled at up to 6 mph that proves itself to be a high performance solo kayak for intermediate and above paddlers. The whole kayak is drop stitched. For this reason you can inflate the whole kayak to a much higher PSI than any other inflatable kayak on the market right now. It comes with a tapered, hard-nose bow and stern. It weighs only 28 pounds yet having 500-pound load capacity.

It can be purchased from online markets at $999 without any shipping charge. You can visit its manufacturer’s website to learn more.

  • Very lightweight and made of durable 1000 Denier Reinforced PVC.
  • Features an all drop stitched hull.
  • Inflates to very high pressure (10 PSI) in just 7 minutes.
  • 2 Open and close drain valves.
  • 6 D-Rings for securing seat and footrest.
  • Its narrow width often makes it wobbly and unstable.

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Comparison Table

Comparing Factor Wilderness Systems Aspire 105 Dagger Kayaks 12.0 Axis Old Town Vapor 10 Trinidad Y0900
Length 10 ft 6 in / 3.2 m 12 ft / 3.66 m 10 ft / 3.05 m 11.9 ft / 3.59 m
Width 29 in / 73.66 cm 27.5 in / 69.85 cm 29 in / 73.66 cm 33.1 in / 84 cm
Weight 48 lb / 21.77 kg 55 lb / 24.95 kg 44 lb / 19.96 kg 62.8 lb / 28.5 kg
Capacity 400 lb / 181.44 kg 350 lb / 158.76 kg 325 lb / 147.42 kg 400 lb / 180 kg
Number of Paddlers 1 – Single/Solo 1 – Single/Solo 1 – Single/Solo 2 – Double
Type of Kayak Sit Inside Sit Inside Sit Inside Sit on Top
Material Polyethylene Polyethylene Polyethylene Polyethylene


This review has brought to you five of the best recreational kayaks available in the market. In this brief article we have included every type, every feature keeping in mind the demand of all types of kayakers. We have included the best kayak for the beginners, the most affordable kayak with efficient features, the kayaks fit for all kinds of waterfronts and two of the best tandem touring kayaks. Each of this vessel is unique and can ensure best service to its owners. So, decide what kind of kayaker you are and what kind of kayak do you want and pick the best from our review list.

When you opt for buying a recreational kayak, read this review article, learn more from the provided website links and see their performances, introduction from the given video links and then choose any one from these five. Since the recreational kayak is a good way to spend some memorable times, we believe, it will catch your attention to have try on it.

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