The World’s Best Sit On Top Fishing Kayaks

The World’s Best Sit On Top Fishing Kayaks

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Written by Joshua K.

Sit on top fishing kayaks are some of the most sought after products in the USA during every summer when holidaymakers and anglers rush to the rivers, lakes and seas for recreational fishing. However, finding the perfect sit on top fishing kayak is not that easy.

Size, performance, fishing features and design matter a lot as this vessels will take you to the places where there are chances of life threatening accidents. But this risk will not stop you from enjoying one of the most fun adventures. So our experts have brought to you 5 of the world’s best sit on top fishing kayaks.

How We selected the Bests for you:

Our experts have conducted extensive field test with most of the available and quality fishing kayaks in the market. Fitted with video camera, these kayaks have been taken to the roughest waters and some of the most challenging waterfronts to test their endurance, stability and manoeuvrability.

Then their performance is monitored by analysing the video footage. Our experts have also assessed their structural design, quality of the fishing features and cost effectiveness to bring you the best products available in the market. Besides assessing the test performance, some of our key points of consideration during the selection was:

We have selected the best sit on top kayak designs that ensures lightweight,  durability and agility for safe fishing in any kind of waterfront.
Fishing Gears
We have selected kayaks with most modern and effective fishing gears by assessing their performance through elaborate research and market analysis.
Storage Capacity
Satisfactory storage capacity is essential for fishing kayaks. We have brought to you some of the most effectively designed kayaks with maximum storage capacity. 
We have brought to you the best sit on top fishing kayaks with best prices by analyzing the global markets.
All the five selected kayaks are available in the sport markets and also in the online stores.

The Best Sit on Top Fishing Kayaks:

Number #1: Prowler 13 Angler:

Our experts have announced this exclusive vessel as the best sit on top fishing kayak available in the market. It is also one of the most popular kayaks for its superb design, features, stability and durability manufactured by Ocean Kayaks.

It’s high performance hull is designed for cutting through rough and calm waters with equal smoothness. Large front hatch offers maximum storage facility while providing easy access to bow and stern. Its two rod holders are very useful for the fishing enthusiasts and thus it is one of the most sought after vessel by the anglers around the world.

This sit on top kayak is equipped with a lot of very effective features for fishing such as two cup holders, 6 inches hatch storage bucket, 2 paddle keeps, transducer compatible for using fish finders and skid plate. There is also a rear oversized tank designed to store fish, crates and tackle boxes.

This 13 feet 4 inches long and 28 inches wide boat is made of polyethylene shells which made it extremely light but very tough. This kayak of 56 Ibs can move through treacherous currently very smoothly and speedily without compromising its manoeuvrability.

It’s maximum weight capacity is 400—450 Ibs. This exclusive boat can be found in the online stores if it’s stock is not already exhausted. It can be obtained at the cost of 1457.36 US$.

Prowler 13 Angler

  • Fitted with all the latest features of Ocean Kayak
  • Faster and purpose built for fishing with all the most updated features
  • Specious storage facilities and fish finder compatible transducers
  • Kayak paddles often get dripped and sometimes medium waves may splash you

Know more about this vessel from the official website of the manufacturer.

Watch this video to know practically about this amazing vessel.


Number # 2: X-13 Malibu Kayaks

You have all the expertise and equipment but with your sluggish boat you are the last person to reach the fishing spot, then you are obviously a loser. With this harsh reality in mind, designers of Malibu Kayaks has designed X-13 as one of the fastest fishing kayaks available in the market.

Thanks to It’s sleek, aerodynamic design that it can  outsmart and outmaneuver any fishing kayaks. X-13 is a multi-purpose kayak and on of the best for fishing and scuba diving. It’s famous for its speed and superb stability even in some of the most challenging waters.

It’s 13 feet and 10 inches long body weighing only 60 Ibs can carry two persons with 450 Ibs of goods. It has four rod holders two in front and another two in the rear. It has a Lowrance transducer fitted with its haul so that anglers can use electronic fish finders to find the perfect fishing spot.

It has also good storage facilities. Besides having a pair of comfortable seats it has a separate standing platform for the angers. This smart looking fishing kayak is available in most of the states of the USA and in the online stores. It’s current price is 902.41 US$.

X-13 Malibu Kayaks

  • It is probably the world’s fastest fishing kayaks
  • It has a standing platform for the anglers
  • It has a built in Lowrance transducers for fish finders
  • Compared to its length and weight, it has lesser weight capacity
  • This kayak often does not come with a seat and you have to order it separately.

Know more about this vessel from the official website  of the manufacturer.

Watch this video to see how this amazing vessel works.

Number #3: Lifetime 10 Foot Sport Fisher

If you need a sturdy kayak with the most modern fishing features in an affordable price this 10 feet long kayak called “Sport Fisher” by Lifetime is perfect for you.  It’s UV protected high density polyethylene structure with spacious and comfortable seats allows you to stay in the waters for the whole day without getting tired or exhausted.

It’s tandem features and converting option to make it a solo kayak is extremely useful and practical. It has four fishing rod holders that ensures maximum catch from a boat. It’s short but with a rear storage tank it provides an effective storage facility.

It’s high and dry sitting system and retractable footrest also ensures extra storage facilities in the boat. It has a special mount for optional rudder and outboard motors which make it a dynamic vessel fit for all kinds of waters.

This 60 Ibs kayak is also very portable and can be carried by minivan or small trucks easily and can carry load up to 500 Ibs. This highly effective fishing kayak can be obtained from any online store at 529.00 US$.

Lifetime 10 Foot Sport Fisher

  • It has four rod holders which make it highly productive as a fishing kayak
  • It’s wide features make it very steady and manoeuvrable during long fishing hours
  • It’s a tandem kayak and it also can be converted into a solo kayak
  • The kayak is quite wide and if you are below 5 feet 9 inches, you may face difficulty in handling the paddles
  • It’s heavier than many fishing kayaks

Know more about this vessel from the official website  of the manufacturer.

You can watch its performance in this video.

Number #4: Spitfire 8

It is one of the most sold out sit on top fishing kayaks in the year 2015. Manufactured by Emotion Kayaks, it’s compact 8 feet long solo, sit on top design is famous for its simplicity, durability and superb stability.

It is made of UV protected polyethylene which makes it extremely lightweight of only 39 Ibs but highly durable. It’s specious hull, comfortable backrest and molded-in footrest makes it very stable and comfortable during the long fishing hours.

As a solo fishing kayak it has a phenomenal storage capacity of 240 Ibs. It has front, rear and side carry handles for easy transport and  it can be carried inside the trunk of any car. This amazing sit on top fishing kayak is available in the online stores and can be obtained at 298.15 US$.

Spitfire 8

  • Stable, durable and lightweight
  • Easily portable and comfortable in long fishing hours
  • Solo fishing kayak at a very affordable price
  • Limited weight capacity
  • Does not have the most modern fishing features

Know more about this vessel from the official website of the manufacturer.

You can watch its performance in this video.

Comparison Table Placeholder:

Kayaks Size Weight Capacity Seat Capacity Speed Price (US$)
Prowler 13 Angler 13 feet long 28 inches wide 400-450 Ibs 2 Fast 1457.36
Trident 13 Angler 134 feet long 29.5 inches wide 400-420 Ibs 2 Fast 934.00
X-13 Malibu Kayaks 13 feet and 10 inches long 2 and half feet wide 450 Ibs 2 Faster 902.41
Lifetime 10 Foot Sport Fisher 10 feet long 3 feet wide 500 Ibs 3 Sluggish 529.00
Spitfire 8 8 feet long, 31.5 inches wide 240 Ibs 1 Sluggish 298.15


After thorough tests, researches and assessments our experts have announced Prowler 13 Angler as the best sit on top fishing kayak. However, the rest of the three kayaks have also shown superb performance and have a lot of unique features that make them perfect for fishing in all kinds of waterfront. These kayaks can give you the legendary angling experience with safety, comfort and a lot of fun.

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