Review Of Carbon Fiber Kayak Paddles

Review Of Carbon Fiber Kayak Paddles

Written by Joshua K.

Kayaking is a popular mean of  recreation. It is also beneficial for mind and body. However this only applies as long as you are in control of your kayak, not being controlled by the wind or current. And the only way to direct and control the boat is the use of paddles. So if you have finally bought the perfect kayak after endless research and thinking your job is done- you are wrong. The paddle is as much important as the kayak. And choosing one may be tough as you have to scrutinize both the price and the features of scores of paddles available in the market.

Choosing the best paddle

  • The first thing you have to know that your style of paddling determines what type of  paddle  you should buy. Usually two types of paddling are there-   

1. Low-angle paddling : This is mainly for a relaxing style and slow paddling. The angle is low and the paddle remains very horizontal. The paddle also has a longer and  thinner blade. As a result  it is energy efficient and suitable for long tour.

2. High-angle paddling : This is suitable for a more aggressive and faster paddling. The paddle is kept more vertical during stroke. The blades are typically shorter and wider. It is mostly used for athletic kayaking and racing.

  • A good paddle must not be heavy. Don’t compromise the weight just for saving some money.
  • Paddle size is also crucial. Different sizes fit different heights of paddler. So check out for the right size paddle for you so that you can be comfortable.
  • Material of the paddle is also very important for the performance and durability of the paddle. You should also ponder about that.
  • Shaft of the paddle may be two types- Straight and Bent. Whereas bent shaft provides more comfort, the Straight shaft is lightweight and cheap. You can pick either of these perks.
  • Finally, it’s about the price. And its entirely upto you. You can decide to spend more for a first class product or you may decide to compromise the quality for money.
  • Now I am going to review some Carbon fiber paddles you might be interested in.

Carlisle Magic Plus Kayak Paddle

Carlisle Magic Plus Kayak PaddleCarlisle Magic Plus Kayak Paddle is an excellent carbon fiber paddle. The blade is made of Glass-Filled Polypropylene and the shaft is composed of Lightweight Fiberglass. It is a high angle paddle so if you are into aggressive paddling and racing, it is the one that suits you most.The important specifications are-

Paddle style High angle
Shaft Straight
Product Dimensions 52 x 9 x 4 inches
Weight 35.6 ounces
Blade size 18 x 7.25 inches
  • The asymmetrical dihedral  blade yields smooth and powerful stroke.
  • It’s stout and enduring
  • It minimizes the stress on your joints
  • This paddle is comfortable with a moderate grip diameter
  • Heavier than expected
  • Not very suitable for bigger kayaks

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Shoreline Marine Kayak Paddle

Shoreline Marine Kayak PaddleShoreline Marine Kayak Paddle is a paddle one must look out for. Being a low angle paddle, this offers more flexible and relax type of paddling. It has contour molded blade to  guide you through the water easily. The specifications are:

Dimensions 96.5 x 6.83 x 2.1 inches
Shaft Shape Straight
Paddle type Low-angle
Size 96 inches
Weight 2 pounds
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • It has Drip Guards to keep your hands dry
  • Foam hand grips are present for comfort
  • Can be easily customized
  • Pretty inexpensive compared with the features
  • The paddle is too flexible to be reliable
  • The shaft is thinner than other paddles
  • The pieces do not fix strictly together

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Carlisle Magic Mystic Poly Kayak Paddle

Carlisle Magic Mystic Poly Kayak PaddleDurable Aluminium shaft and Polypropylene blade make this paddle a formidable one. Carlisle Magic Mystic Poly Kayak Paddle is suitable for any kind of kayaks in any type of waterbody. The specs are:

Shaft shape Bent
Dimension 48 x 10 x 4 inches
Weight 35.5 oz
Material Plastic
  • The asymmetrical blade provides proper balance and easy stroking
  • High-impact glass-filled polypropylene blades are very strong and durable
  • It has  Push button  at a convenient 60 degree angle
  • The shaft is bent to minimize the extent of wrist flex when stroking forward
  • Can be used in both salt and fresh water
  • This paddle has splash guards
  • The paddles is somewhat fragile due to its lightness
  • Users sometimes find problems with the Security button
  • There are some issues regarding assembly.

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Seattle Sports Seawhisper Carbon Paddle

Seattle Sports Seawhisper Carbon PaddleSeattle Sports Seawhisper Carbon Paddle  has a combination of strength, beauty and cheapness. The carbon shaft is tough and lightweight. It is also a low angle paddle and best for relaxed and steady paddling. It also has a Quick-Adjust Cam Ferrule and a Leash Loop. The specifications are-

Size 230/240 cm
Dimension 4 x 10 x 48 inches
Material Glass-Reinforced Nylon
Weight 2.6 Lbs.
Paddle type Low angle
  • Exclusive product design makes it attractive and the solidity of its structure results in high performance.
  • Quick-Adjust Ferrule is another plus point
  • For visibility in the dark, it is equipped with Reflective emblem.
  • It is enduring and can tolerate tremendous pressure.
  • It uses Dorsal-Blade technology to efficiently shed water
  • Its heaviness makes it somewhat uncomfortable
  • The design of the Cam ferrule should have been better

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After analyzing the presented reviews, you may get a rough idea of different Carbon fiber paddles. You have to consider the specs of the given models and the pros and cons too. It’s virtually impossible to get a totally perfect product. So you have to decide what your priorities are. But if you are a beginner, you may have to do a lot of experiments to find out the best match. For that reason  it is recommended for the beginners to buy the cheap ones and after getting enough insights, they may target the expensive and fancy paddles.

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