Review of Colorado XT Inflatable Pontoon Boat

Review of Colorado XT Inflatable Pontoon Boat

Written by Joshua K.

Colorado XT inflatable pontoon boat is a top quality boat off the line for one man.The Colorado XT model is loaded with sufficient whistles and bells to provide you the best water experience. It is engineered expertly to address everything you need and the most attractive features that the most anglers want. This attractive inflatable pontoon float tube worth your consideration. In this review, we will tell you in details why this Colorado XT boat is special and we will share the things about the boat ownership.

Colorado XT Pontoon Boat Features:

From the removable pockets that attach to make your self-gear bag and to the teeter pockets and fly patches on every site of the pontoon boat, This compact pontoon boat is reliable, enjoyable and also engineered in a smooth manner with heavy reliable materials and with long lasted construction.The facts that are associated with ownership of Colorado XT model of classic accessories personal pontoon like size, assembly, and maintenance, weight are just too important as it shows it’s feature. Here we give the required information about the pontoon boat that you should know before buying.

Total Weight: sixty-eight pounds on dry land.
Weight Limit: It can carry maximum up to 400 pounds including the battery and motor of the boat.
River rated: It is class 1 boat on the water.
Box dimension: 47.5 inches long box with a width of 24.25 inches and 15.75 inches height.
Assembled dimension: Length 108 inches ,width 26 inches, and height 26 inches.
Pontoons: Nine feet long pontoon.
Warranty: Original purchaser will get two years of limited warranty.
Colors: The there color of the boat is much attractive with the combination of pumpkin and sage.
 Safety: There is ABYC standard labeled.


Performance on water:

The classic accessories Colorado XT inflatable pontoon boat is very much smooth on water. Its paddling is very easy from the raised seating position. Most of the inflatable boats have low seats for better paddling. While maximum inflatable boats take plastic bolts fixed to rubber surface of the inflatable , the colorado pontoon paddle bolts are fixed straightly to the steel frame. The amount of force that you can get is attractive and the foot rest location helps you to generate extra power.
When you go on fishing the paddles nicely rotate back from their position We think it as the best as it uses a trolling motor. It is not an expensive but quality motor like any other prevailing on earth. The main advantage of colorado Xt is that it truly has a silent motor for operation upon the surface. Even a high efficient trolling motor vibrates a little at the mounting point. With colorado Xt, all the vibrations and absorbed into a wire bolting platform and shifted quietly to the inflatable pontoon of the boat. No movement is created by the pontoon boat vibrations at the time of running of the motor. You will get everything very easily to access while fishing. There are an infinite number of storage arranged and organized options. Due to the stripping basket , getting any work done in.

Here we give you some of the top reasons with attractive features that this colorado XT pontoon boat offers you:

  • There are two insulating beverage holders which are detachable side pockets and customize one’s storage options.It is really enjoyable. And the side pockets combines and creates a carryable gear bag for keeping items which are really awesome, helpful and nice looking. There are twenty such pockets in total on this particular unit to store as your belongings. This is really great.
  • There is a removable basket. Yes, This colorado keeps a removable lifting basket which you may attach to a side or you can use it in an over the lap type attaches.
  • there is a wire storage like bin inside the rear which is located behind the seat which doubles as a powerful battery platform that can be seen as a trolling motor.
  • The front side of the pontoon boat comes with a detention cord and also with two of the carabineer clips.
  • There is a single holder of a rod that is included and also can be bolted in around three separate positions on the each stand of an oar. This makes the pontoon boat easier to handle.
  • A rear trolling motor is there which is bolted . It has also two options of position.
  • This colorado XT inflatable pontoon model boat is featured with a transport wheel . This wheel helps to move with all your outfitted belongings to a reasonable dry land or dry locations. This wheel slows down the boat under the seat when it is not in use. It makes your journey safer and secures your life.
  • The padded fold under the plastic accommodation for sitting and backrest for comfort journey are fixable and are also added with a nonslip footrest to arrange the heights and comfort of the buyer. It will ensure your comfort during the journey.
  • The boat is constructed with powder coated heavy steel which is reliable and adds stability to the boat and control the combined with 840 denier nylon on the inflatable pontoon boat tops and 1100 denier nylon on the boat bottoms for resisting abrasion.
  • The vehicle is not suitable for salt water. So it is suggested not to bring it in the salt water.
  • Though the boat is inflatable but still no pump is provided with it. That’s a bit embarrassing as you have to find a suitable pump to inflate it . That will cost you extra money and also hard work.
  • It is expensive. So even if you have a great desire ,you can not afford if your pocket does not support.3

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The boat is very easy to use. You can do any work to the side or move it to your own lap to use as a working surface. It’s expensive but still colorado Xt pontoon boat by classic accessories is completely worth of it. There not many boats that can surpassit’s features. The colorado XT will help you to move in water with full of confidence. If you a are fisherman by hobby, take it and make your hobby more colorful.

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