Five of the Most Awesome Fish Finders

The Five of the Most Awesome Fish Finders

Best Fish Finders
Written by Joshua K.

If you are a passionate angler, spending time with your line vainly in an empty waterhole is obviously the least desired thing of your life. To reduce the chance of your disappoint there are lot  of fish finding gadgets in the market. With so many options available, the task to buy the best fish finder within your budget and suitable for your needs can be overwhelming for you.

However, according to fish finder expert Bob Charlie who is the resident expert of Bass Pro Shops, one of the biggest retailers of hunting, fishing and camping related products, “Dual beam is the minimum technology that a fish finder can have which shows 2D images and there are upgraded technologies such as down imaging and side imaging fish finders in the market which give more detailed and clearer 3D view of the underwater world.”  So, considering your budget, purpose and the capacity and versatility of the equipment we have brought to you five of the best fish finders.

Our experts have chosen the five best fish finders based on the following criteria:

Fish finding technology is getting upgraded every day. Most updated technologies like side imaging and down imaging have added new dimension in angling experience. While selecting the top five fish finders our experts have included the most techy gadgets with an affordable price.
Fish finders have been selected which offer best facilities with most appropriate price.
All the selected gadgets can be bought from online stores like
After elaborate durability and performance test our experts have brought to you five of the best fish finders to give you a legendary angling experience.

 The Top Choice:

If you have the budget and if you want to get a remarkably trouble-free and effective fishing experience you must buy Humminbird Helix 9DI GPS. To give the anglers, both professional and occasional, this legendary company has introduced this high tech fish finder very recently on November 2015 with additional enhancement in side imaging and down imaging capacity.

Humminbird Helix 9DI GPS

With 9 inch LCD backlit screen of 480×800 pixels resolution and 16-bit colour display it can show scanned 3D image of 300 feet area downward at the maximum depth of 1000 feet (83 kHz) or 3000 feet (50 kHz).

It can also show the scanned 3D underwater image of the left and right side of your boat up to 350 feet distance at the maximum depth of 600 feet in any kind of water. The built- in internal Helix 9DI GPS antenna allows the angler to locate the fish or any underwater object with perfect accuracy.

Recording capacity of eight hours at stretch and 2 USD memory card slots make it easier to access the recorded images. This handy tool has also 3000 US lake maps and coastal maps already installed. However, you have to count 1484.98 US$ to be an owner of this crazy instrument.

  • Highly efficient side imaging and down imaging capacity
  • High resolution LCD display
  • Effective GPS navigation system with high storage facility

  • Quite expensive for many anglers
  • Lots of button need expert hand to handle the gadget

You can get the technical detail of this smart gadget here at Humminbird’s official website.

There is even more advanced version of this gadget called  Humminbird 798ci HD SI Combo which is very expensive and designed mainly for the professional angers or the deep sea fishermen.

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Number 2: Lowrance HDS-7 Gen 3

This is also a legendary gadget for fish finding and navigation. With 7 inches backlit LED screen it can show you the underwater image while detecting objects like fish, different kinds of solid structures with remarkable accuracy and clarity.Lowrance HDS-7 Gen 3

It has the down imaging and side imaging capacity which will enable you to get the underwater picture clearly at 600 feet depth (83 KHz) and at 250 feet depth (200 KHz). Its thermal sensors can also detect changes of water temperature.

The device is also compatible with all GPS facilities such as Navionics chart cards, platinum, platinum+, satellite imagery, aerial photos etc. Thanks to its GPS networking system, you can also integrate radar functionality with this device which will help you to get regular weather updates from the nearest weather stations.

This amazing fish finding and navigation gadget is already preloaded with some of the most accurate digital maps of US and Canadian coasts and inland waters. You can buy this gadget with 1249.99 US$.

  • Large LED screen can show perfect underwater images
  • Efficient GPS system can ensure superb navigation and constant weather updates
  • Fitted with thermal sensors to analyze water temperature for better angling

  • Side imaging and down imaging depth is relatively low
  • Expensive for many anglers

You can get the technical detail and more info about this gadget here

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Number 3: Raymarine Dragonfly 5Pro

Raymarine Dragonfly 5Pro

Dragonfly 5Pro is one of the most advanced fishfinder’s of world renowned marine product manufacturer Raymarine FLIR. It has the superb down imaging capacity which enables it to take photo like images in its 480×800 resolution screen at the depth of 160 feet.

Its CHIRP sonar technology uses several frequency rather than single frequency which results in wider spectrum of sound waves and produce clearer images.

It has a dedicated mobile app called WiFish that connects the device with the available smartphones or tablet allowing more than one fishing partners to interact freely with each other.

This app also helps to rewind and capture images. It is also compatible with all kinds of available GPS technology. You can buy this smart gadget at 529.55 US$.

  • Has dedicated mobile app to connect with devices like smartphones or tab
  • Fitted with multiple frequency sonar technology
  • Has mounting facilities

  • Quite expensive for many anglers
  • No side imaging option
  • Eats up relatively more power

To find out more about Raymarine Dragonfly 5 Pro visit the company’s official website

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Number 4: Garmin STRIKER 7sv

Angling becomes much easier when you have this smart weapon at your arsenal. Its high wide CHIRP transducers can provide higher underwater visibility by sending continuous waves of frequency than the traditional 77/200 kHz transducers.Garmin STRIKER 7sv

It has also superb down imaging and side imaging capacity that can give photographic images of underwater world in its 7 inches colour display at the depth of 750 feet below the water surface.

Its GPS sensor can locate your current position quickly and it can mark the spot effectively where you can find fish and it can also detect your boat speed. One of the major advantages of getting this device you can upgrade your device to another higher version of Garmin fish finder anytime. You can collect this handy tool only with 499.99 US$.

  • Cheapest gadget with both side imaging and down imaging options
  • It can detect your boat speed and can determine exact location

  • Screen resolution is not that good
  • Buttons and interface is designed mainly for the professional anglers
  • No mounting facilities

To know more about this amazing fish finder check this link

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Number 5: Lowrance Elite-4 CHIRP

With LED backlit high resolution colour display and 4.3 inch screen Lowrance Elite-4 is one of the most used fish finders. It has also well down imaging capacity and its sonar settings can be adjusted according to necessity using Advanced Signal Processing technology.

It has a unique back-track feature that enables an angler to find out an object with the help of graphical sonar timeline without turning the boat around. It’s on screen cursor can also check the depth of the selected drowned or underwater objects.

Lowrance Elite-4 CHIRP

Visit Lowrance’s official site  to know more about this gadget. 

  • Ideal for the basic users and anglers
  • No side imaging capacity
  • Has backtrack option to find out the objects left behind without turning the boat

  • Shows lesser durability and poorer battery performance
  • Screen resolution is very basic
  • The interface is not that friendly for many amateur anglers

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All these five fish-finders are very good and all of them have unique features. Selecting the top choice among these five top quality fish finder was a hideous job. After selecting and scrutinising every participants finally our experts decided that    Hummingbird Helix 9DI GPS is the best fish-finder you can ever buy. Durability, availability, technological and innovative design and versatility all these have given this extraordinary instrument the glorified wreath of victorious. Beside it, the other fish finders are also very good and effective thanks to their own features and smart technologies.

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