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How To Catch a Muskie: Tips And Techniques To Catch The Fish

Written by Joshua K.

Muskie’s are large freshwater fish. These species are uncommon around the world but can be found in abundance in North America. People who are into hardcore fishing well aware of this fish’s existence and always in look out for catching this rare specie. However Muskie’s are very hard to catch and has a high defense mechanism. Yes this issue might be troublesome but not completely impossible to tackle. There are some techniques that might help you solve this problem.

Techniques to catch a Muskie:

Catching a Muskie might seem difficult but if you can just follow these simple steps then you are good to go.


Location is an important factor for catching a Muskie.

  •  If you want to catch a single Muskie. Then you might want to visit an action lake. An action lake is basically a lake that contains a lot of fish. So as they consist of higher number of fishes, the sizes of the fishes are small in general.
  • Muskie’s can be found in cold and transparent waters. They usually hide behind the weed edges and rock outcrops.  This helps them to hunt for food as well as take rest conveniently.

Equipment for catching Muskie:

Before going out for catching a Muskie. You need to do your homework. You need to find out the idle fishing equipment that best suits your budget.  Here are some basic things that you should absolutely make sure to take with you while going out for fishing.

  • Muskie’s are very strong and they tend to resist a lot. So it is better not to carry a light bass rod and reel
  • Lures are also important for catching fish. Lures such as bucktails, topwaters, and hawg wobbler. You can try out these lures and see which one works the best.
  • Always make sure that you take out proper measuring and release tools. Equipments such as pliers, hook cutters, jaw spreaders and a big net, these are essential for ensuring a successful catch.

Patience is the key to success:

You need to have lots of patience in order to catch a Muskie. Muskie’s are often sluggish so they might not instantly fall for the bait. If you can catch their attention by letting your bait stay there for long time then you might be able to catch them.

Figure eight technique:

Figure eight technique is the most important technique for catching a fish. When a Muskie see the lure. They will follow the lure up to the boat but it won’t be easy to catch them. Muskie’s are tricky and hard to hook. This is where the figure eight techniques come in action. When the fish is near to your boat you have to throw the lure in figure eight motion. You need to do it fast and quick. This technique has been known to be effective in order to catch a Muskie.

Always remain alert:

You always need to be alert and ready to catch the fish. You may never know when they might fall for your bait. So when they do fall for it, you need to take hold of the situation and pull it out.

Tips to catch a Muskie:

Here are some more tips that will help you catch a Muskie.

  • Talk with people who fish in the lake. Get to know the prime location from where they get the Muskie’s
  • When going or wishing try to wear polarized sunglasses. This will help a lot when you are trying to find out Muskie’s

Always keep watch on your bait. If you don’t get to see the fish then you won’t be able to catch it easily.

What not to do:

There are things we need to be really careful about when going out to catch Muskie. You need to be aware of certain mistakes that you should be refraining from doing to improve your chances of a successful catch.

  • You cannot go out fishing Muskie’s without doing your research. You need to have an idea as to what you are doing so that you don’t end up empty handed.
  • Muskie’s are highly dangerous species. Whenever they are near the boat and the anglers tries to raise the bait. The Muskie’s start to become aggressive and tries to shove the boat. This can be dangerous for the catcher. Muskie’s are really unpredictable. So you need to be extra careful when dealing with these fishes.
  • Do not catch Muskie’s in areas where it’s illegal. Know the season and the essential items you need to carry while fishing.


Muskie’s are difficult to catch but if you are determined enough to catch this rare specie then you might be able to get it. The key point here is to stay alert and be extremely cautious of your surroundings. Try to experiment with different things that mentioned above and hopefully you will get your desired outcome.

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