How To Kayak With Your Dog: Things You Must Consider
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How To Kayak With Your Dog: Things You Must Consider

Written by Joshua K.

Dogs make great companions on kayaking adventures. What can be more fun to a pet lover other than taking their puppy on the kayak and enjoy paddling together? But taking your dog with you to kayaking is not an easy deal. It requires huge training, preparation, and management. Any deficit in this preparation may ruin your paddling experience and put your pet’s life in danger. That’s why we are going to discuss the preparations and tips that you should keep in mind before you hit the water with your dog.

Orient Your Dog to the Kayak:

Before taking your pup on the water, familiarize it with the kayak on land at first. Make sure that your dog feels at home on your kayak. To do so, place the inside your home or at the yard let it explore on its own. You can try dog chew toys, squeak toys, dog toy balls etc. inside the kayak to make your pup feel comfortable. At the same time train your dog with commands to hop in, sit, and jump out of the kayak on steady ground before finally taking it on the water.

Necessary Gears for Dog Kayaking:

You should take these following equipment with you before you take your dog to kayaking. Some equipment are required to stay out of the water, so you should have a dry fish bag to keep them safe inside the kayak.


Whether your dog is a good swimmer or not, it must need a PFD (Personal Flotation Device) on the kayak if you want to avoid any accident. A dog life jacket with rescue handle can help you keep your dog in control and safe from drowning. Put a harness on the life jacket so that you can pull your dog out of the water if it fails to get in by itself.


Your dog may like to swim in the water while you are still in the kayak. So you must attach a retractable dog leash to its life jacket so that it stays in your range and sight. If your pup is about to drown or move far away from you, you can pull it back with the help the of leash.

First Aid Kit:

There may be sharp floating or submerged objects in the water such as glass bottles, thorns etc that may injure your pet while swimming. So it is better to keep a Pet First Aid Kit before it’s too late.

Food & Water:

Fresh drinking water and a drinking bowl are a must for your dog if you are on the salty water. A collapsible dog bowl might come in handy when your pup becomes thirsty after a long stay on kayak under the sun. Also bring snacks for you and your pup to make the trip more fun.


The Impact of sun rays is more on the water because of reflection. Both you and your dog will need it. Just be sure whether your sunscreen is safe for your dog or not. Otherwise use Sun Protector Spray for Pets for hands-free use.

Poop Baggies:

If you don’t want to get your kayak dirty, always bring a Fabric Dog Poop Bag Dispenser and train your dog wall on steady ground to use it. You will thank us the day when you will need this.

Start Out In Calm Water:

Never go to ocean or river for the first time with your pup, rather choose a calm pond or lake. Stay closer to the shore so that your pup can hop out and jump on the ground easily if it becomes nervous at the beginning. You can also put a towel or blanket on it to make it feel safe or comfortable.

Keeping Your Pup In Control:

Once you are in the middle of the water, keep your pet under your command. Commands like ‘Stay’, ‘leave it” are very important. Because your dog might become excited seeing other kayaks, people, ducks, flying birds etc. and try to go after them. Seeing other nearby kayak or any nearby shore your dog might want to hop out. That’s why you must have total control over your dog with effective commands. And obviously keep your live baits and fishes out of your dog.

Always Contact Your Vet:

Heartworm can be a great threat to your dog because water bodies are full with mosquitos flying around. So you must contact your veterinarian and talk about its vaccination, tests, and other health related issues.

Final Verdict:

Your dog can trained to be suitable for kayaking, but your kayak might need replacement or up gradation. Depending on the size and personality of your dog, you have to choose the best kayak for your dog if you really want to spend awesome time together.

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