The Bests of the Inflatable Fishing Kayaks
Inflatable KAYAK TYPES

The Bests of the Inflatable Fishing Kayaks

Written by Joshua K.

Vacation becomes much comfortable and relaxing if you have a inflatable fishing kayak. Inflatable kayaks are easier to carry, in fact it can be carried in hands, lightweight but durable and can be easily modifiable for fishing purpose.

As a result, for kayakers around the world, inflatable kayaks are of great demand. And considering its global demand for the kayakers and the anglers, many kayak manufacturers design inflatable kayaks purpose built for fishing in all kinds of waters.

Why You Should Buy an Inflatable Fishing Kayak:

  • Inflatable fishing kayaks are simpler to use and can be carried in hand
  • These kayaks are made of PVC, hypalon or polyurethane coating which make it extremely lightweight but durable
  • You can often equip your kayak with outboard motor which make it a fast and ideal fishing boat but far cheaper than the motor boats used for fishing
  • Inflatable fishing kayaks need very little maintenance.
  • These kayaks can be found in a variety of shapes and designs, for single, double user’s’, sit in and sit on top and so on.

Different Types of Inflatable Fishing Kayaks

In fact, inflatable fishing kayaks are designed differently for different kinds of waters. For example, the kayaks which are designed for saltwater fishing are different from the freshwater ones. Again, the inflatable kayaks designed for shallow water fishing is also different in design from the deep water fishing. In this review article, we have brought to you 5 of the best inflatable fishing kayaks based on their performance in different kinds of waterfronts.  

However, before going to the review, let’s know about the different types of kayaks used in different kinds of waterfronts.

Inflatable Fishing Kayaks for Freshwater:

We get two types of freshwater sources all over the world. They are; huge lakes of stagnant waters and rivers, streams or rapids of moving waters. However, for choosing the inflatable kayaks for fishing in the freshwater, you have to consider the following things:

  • The stagnant water sources such as lakes are often cover huge area without any current to support the movement of the kayak. So, there is the chance that you may have to cover a great distance through motionless waters in search of fish. As a result, fishing kayaks designed for stagnant freshwater is designed to equip with an outboard motor and to have a great speed.
  • The moving waters of the rivers, rapids or streams often push your boat to a certain direction voluntarily. So, these kayaks are designed to ensure stability and a great deal of manoeuvrability.

Saltwater Inflatable Fishing Kayaks:

Saltwater fishing presents two scenarios for kayakers. One is fishing in the shallow seas, creeks and estuaries and another is fishing in the  high seas which is more than 70 feet deep. So we should consider the following aspects:

  • Fishing kayaks in the shallow seas face large ocean waves. So they are designed to be more stable and manoeuvrable.
  • In the high sea, nature of wave is unpredictable and turning back quickly to the safety of the coast is a priority. So, these inflatable kayaks are designed for speed and with much more durable component.

Solo and Tandem Kayaks:

Inflatable fishing kayaks are also designed for solo and two kayakers. Both of these types are available in the market.

How We Selected the Best:

Selecting the best inflatable fishing kayaks amidst hundreds of varieties available in the market is not an easy task. Our team of experts have selected some of the best inflatable fishing kayaks after a wide range of field test, endurance tests, fishing facilities, cost effectiveness and their performance in the waterfronts for which they have been designed and manufactured.  

Field Test
The selected kayaks have been peddled through the extreme waters with strong currents and waves. In the toughest situation their performance such as stability, manoeuvrability and speed have been videoed and examined.
Endurance Test
The strength of the component of the inflatable kayaks and durability of the design and sailing equipment have been studied by the best experts.
Fishing Facilities
Inflatable kayaks with the best and most modern fishing facilities have been considered here.eep ocean.
Cost Effectiveness
Here, we have selected the kayaks which can provide the best performance with minimum cost.

The Best Inflatable Fishing Kayaks:

In this review, we have selected some of the best inflatable fishing kayaks of different categories. Every kayak has unique characteristics and equally effective in different types of waterfronts along with superb angling facilities. The best kayaks are described as follows:

Sea Eagle 435 Paddleski: 

Sea Eagle 435 Paddleski

This versatile unique, versatile kayak can give superb performance in a wide range of waters such as rivers, lakes, deep ocean, shallow seas and even in streams and rapids with strong currents. Made of 100 denier fabric and 1100 Decitex reinforced seam, the kayak weighs only 41 pounds, however, it is extremely durable and stable.

Thanks to its unique catamaran design, its hull remains out of water and this allows the kayak to have minimum back drag. So, this 14 feet long and 3 feet wide kayak is also famous for its speed and can be fitted with outboard motor.

The kayaks is fitted with a very comfortable and swivelling seat and which are placed in a bit higher position for a better view on the waters. It is equipped with two Dual rod holder manufactured by Scotty. This versatile inflatable fishing kayak can be obtained from all the online shops at 1349.00 US$.

  • Extremely versatile and suitable for all kinds of waters
  • Durable, lightweight, stable and fast.
  • Comfortable sitting arrangement and better fishing equipment

  • If motor is mounted storage capacity in the back is reduced although there is plenty of space in the rear and in the front

You can learn more about this vessel from its manufacturer’s official website and see it’s performance in this video.

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Advanced Elements AE1007-R:

Advanced Elements AE1007-R

It is one of the best convertible inflatable fishing kayaks available in the market. This 15 feet long inflatable kayak has high grade aluminum frame in the bow and in the stern that gives it extra rigidity against strong currents and treacherous waves in the high sea.

It’s six storage chambers can combinely carry up to 550 pounds of weight. This kayak has three seat locations, however, it can be easily converted into a solo or a tandem kayak.

It’s highly durable fabric and PVC coating is puncture resistant and can endure the roughest waterfronts with amazing smoothness. Its long, aerodynamic design is perfect for achieving great speed during a long distance fishing session.

The adjustable seats and specious footrest ensures ultimate comfort during long hours of angling. This highly effective fishing vessel can obtained from online shops at 749.99 US$.

  • Very strong, durable and rigid structure
  • Aerodynamic design ensures superb speed
  • Can be converted into a solo or tandem kayak with plenty of storage capacity  
  • This inflatable kayak does not come with rod holders and some other maintenance accessories, however, they can be bought separately if anyone wants.

You can learn more about this vessel from its manufacturer’s official website and see it’s performance in this video.

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Coleman Colorado:

Coleman Colorado

This is tandem inflatable fishing kayak by Sevylor. This kayak has become an anglers’ dream thanks to its great tracking capacity, manoeuvrability, weight capacity and durability.

Its 15 gauge PVC, tarpaulin bottom and thick 840D nylon cover can take you to all types of waters with unimaginable smoothness. Its spacious bottom makes it highly stable and ideal for fishing in the lakes and calm waters.

To ensure ultimate comfort, the kayak is fitted with adjustable seats and spacious footrest so that you can never feel tired during the long fishing hours.

D-rings made of stainless steel allows the kayakers to equip it with varieties of fishing gears and you can easily adjust the Barkley Quick Set Rod Holders for the ultimate hands free angling experience.

With motor mounting facility, the kayakers can get fast rides in the waters while keeping the pedals conveniently in the pedal holders. This amazing vessel of 10 feet 9 inch length and 3 feet 3 inch width can carry up to 470 pounds weight. It can be bought from any online store at 710.67 US$.

  • Strong, puncture proof protection, lightweight and has great tracking capacity
  • Can be fitted with motor
  • Idea for fishing in the freshwater sources
  • A few of the accessories such as fishing rods need to be fitted separately
  • Lower weight capacity

You can learn more about this vessel from its manufacturer’s official website and see it’s performance in this video.

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Advanced Elements Straitedge Angler Kayak:

Advanced Elements Straitedge Angler Kayak

With patented aluminum rib frame technology, this fishing kayak, designed by Advanced Elements is a phenomenon in the market of fishing kayaks. This technology ensures superb structural strength, lightweight and ultimate manoeuvrability.  

Abrasion pads fitted with the kayak’s body gives it extra strength against strong currents and obstacles and make it extremely durable. Wide beam across the kayak’s bottom make it very stable and manoeuvrable in all kinds of waters.

High back seat with inflated lumbar support and two built-in fishing rods allow the kayaker to have a comfortable long fishing hours. This kayak has multiple air chambers that offer extra protection in case of any leakage or puncture.

It’s D- rings allows the kayakers to equip the boat with a lot of gears. It’s bungee deck gives abundant storage space for big catches. This solo kayak can carry up to 300 pounds. It can be obtained from online stores at 649.00US$.

  • Extra strong design and superb manoeuvrability
  • Highly stable and can be operated in all kinds of waters
  • By adding rail mounts, outboard motor can be fitted with it
  • Comparatively lower weight capacity
  • Heavier than many other kayaks

You can learn more about this vessel from its manufacturer’s official website and see it’s performance in this video.

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Sevylor Rio Solo Fishing Kayak:

Sevylor Rio Solo Fishing Kayak

This inflatable kayak is one of the best kayaks for fishing in freshwaters. It is also probably the best solo fishing kayak available in the market. It’s 18 gauge PVC body can run smoothly through the lakes and shallow fishing spots.

It’s great manoeuvrability allows the kayaker to drive it through the lakes and rivers avoiding obstacles like rocks and shallow waterfronts covered with grasses and weeds.

Its 1000D tarpaulin bottom gives extra protection from puncture and scratches. For extra protection, the kayak is fitted with an extra  There are paddle holders inside the boat which gives the kayaker a comfortable paddling experience and saves a lot of space.

This 9 feet 3 inch long and 3 feet wide kayak is designed for one person, therefore it has a lot of space to store the precious catch. It can carry up to 350 pounds.

The kayak is also fitted with D-rings where the kayakers can attach extra equipment. Berkley Quick Set Rod Holder is adjustable with this kayak to get the ultimate fishing experience. This amazing vessel can be obtained at 439.99 US$.

  • Durable, lightweight and have provisions of extra protection against punctures
  • Great storage capacity as a solo fishing kayak
  • It is a sit in kayak which allows lesser visibility on the water but allows more comfort
  • Cannot be fitted with outboard motor

You can learn more about this vessel from its manufacturer’s official website and see it’s performance in this video.

Comparison Table

Kayak Size and weight Material Weight Capacity Motor Mounting Price (US$)
Sea Eagle 435 Paddelski 14 by 3 (41Ibs) 100 denier fabric and 1100 Decitex reinforced seam 650 Ibs Yes 1349.00
Advanced Elements AE-1007R 15 feet by 32 inches Aluminum frame in the bow and in the stern 550 Ibs No 749.99 
Coleman Colorado 10 ft. 9 in. by 3 ft. 3 in 15 gauge PVC, tarpaulin and 840D nylon 470 Ibs Yes 710.67
Advanced Elements Straitedge Angler Kayak 9 feet 8 inches by 35 inches multi-layer material and patented aluminum rib frame 300 Ibs Yes 649.00
Sevylor Rio Solo Fishing Kayak 9 feet 3 inch by 3 feet 18 gauge PVC and 1000D tarpaulin 350 Ibs No 439.99


After months long field tests, researches and market survey our experts have selected these five best inflatable fishing kayaks. All these kayaks are smart and unique. Before going to buy an inflatable fishing kayak, first determine what kind of kayak you want and then pick one among these five best options for you; we can ensure that it will be one of the best buys of your life.

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