Review On Intex Challenger K1 Kayak

Review On Intex Challenger K1 Kayak

Written by Joshua K.


Choosing the perfect fishing kayak for your specific angling needs is a must. Not all would work for you, since every angler has his particular needs and habits considered on the waters, kind of fish and obviously motivation for fishing. However, among all kayaks now we will discuss on only one specific kayak named Intex Challenger K1 Kayak.

This affordable, swift and durable kayak is built for single kayaker and exclusively designed for comfort. It’s unique features make it ideal for day long kayaking on slow rivers or lakes. Yet we are not saying this one is the best on the market, but it may be perfect for you. So, to compare its features with your demands and habits please go through the below article.


The whole body of the kayak is made of plastic materials. It is made of super tough vinyl which is totally puncture and uv proof. So you need not to be tensed about tearing it or getting it hampered in bright sunlight. The rugged vinyl construction ensures its durability.

Only thing you need to remind is that this is made for kayaking in slow water. So you need to be a bit wise in choosing your place of kayaking. Another positive fact is that the body is made of bright color. So one can easily see it from a distance and avoid unusual collisions.

Intex challenger K1 kayak


Intex challenger K1 kayak is featured with highly attractive configuration. A 96 inch aluminum paddle oar with comfort rubber grip is provided with the kayak which ensures your comfort floating on the voyage.

The dimension of the kayak is 108”L X 30”W X 15”H. That means it ensures enough space for you to travel. The only limitation is that it can carry only one person or 220 lbs. The weight of the kayak is very light. It has got only 27 lbs. So you can understand how easy it is to carry this is One can easily fold it up keep it behind the car. It can be inflated within less than 20 minutes. Again after the voyage, one can deflate it in less than 5 minutes. So it doesn’t waste much of your time.

It has got a inflated chair with backrest which will give you comfort throughout the voyage. If you want you can also stand. It has got that stability and be sure that you will not fall down unless any unusual happens. There is a cargo net behind your seat for holding your extra bags.

  • Carrying the kayak will never be a problem. It hardly weighs 27lbs. After deflation it can easily be folded inside the car.
  • Fallen into the water suddenly! No worry. For your safety it has got grab lines on the both sides. So you can grab any side and come on the floor again.
  • Quickly inflatable. Can also be deflated within a short time. Portable and lightweight. Taking out your kayak for an afternoon ride will never be a hassle anymore.
  • Though it is said to take it in calm water but still it can handle rough waters and rocks. Only sharpest obstructions will tear it up. But don’t worry. You have your backup. A repair kit is there to tip-top shape.
  • We didn’t find any complain against this kayak yet. We are working hard and looking for any defect that can be set up.

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  • Is it durable?

Ans: Yes it is, till the time you take its care.

  • Does it weigh too much?

Ans: No, only about 27lbs.

  • What if it tears?

Ans: A backup repair kit will always be there to bring you back.

  • What weight it can hold?

Ans: It can afford up to about 220lbs.

  • Does it cost too much?

Ans: To be honest, this is the minimum cost for such type of service.


If you want a charm water ride in a beautiful afternoon in a lake or slow water body then Intex Challenger K1 kayak is a perfect choice for you. This kayak is designed absolutely for the novices. So you can take a chance.

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