Jackson Cuda 12: Makes Fishing Easier

Jackson Cuda 12: Makes Fishing Easier

Written by Joshua K.

A perfect kayak is an essential fishing gear. It can be used conveniently in any types of water bodies such as: rivers, lakes, pond, and oceans. Jackson Cuda 12 is one such brand that produces world-class kayaks to enhance fishing experience of fishing enthusiasts. It’s not only a useful fishing gear but also a very style kayak.

Features of Jackson Cuda 12:

Here are some of the features of Jackson Cuda 12.

Sit on top kayak:

The position of the kayak’s sit ensures safety and comfort; while gliding through lakes and rivers in order to catch the fish.

Rectangular center storage hatch:

The rectangular center storage hatch of the kayak helps to hide the fishing rod. This ensures that your rods won’t get wet and stay nice and dry while riding in the kayak

Hi/low seat adjustment:

The hi/low seat adjustment will let the fisherman have a clear view of the surrounding while slicing through the rough waters.

Structure of the bow:

The bow comes off with a sharp V like structure. This helps the fisher man to move the reeds easily across.

Center storage hatch:

The kayak has an inbuilt storage unit. The unit is specious enough to hold extra rods or tent. This storage unit comes in handy, if one has an extra rods or plans on spending the weekends on the water

Paddle holders:

Paddle holders ensure that there is no dent on the paddles when it’s not controlled by both hands. This feature allows the fisherman to keep his hands at rest for sometimes.

Removable skid plate:

Removable skid plate protects the kayak from any harm while loading or unloading from the car.

Ram rod holders:

Ram rod holders come in handy when one is searching for striped bass or bonefish. Ram rod holders make sure that both the rods are alert to detect the fish.

Additional items with the kayak:

The kayak comes up with additional accessories which help to brighten up the fishing experience. It includes items such as: Plano tackle box, Sea line storage pouch, Line Cutterz line cutter, and Fish grip tool.

Review of the product:

Jackson Cuda 12 has an attractive design with a wide range of facilities. This Kayak is stable enough to withhold the strong force of the gushing waves. It is pretty fast compared to its heavy weight thus one need to worry about the speed of the kayak. Moreover its comfortable seats enable users to sit back and relax and enjoy their fishing experience. It’s accessible dry hatch feature comes in handy when one is in urgent need of fishing gears and other accessories. It is very durable so can be used for a longer period of time. However, it has one drawback it is very heavy thus a bit problematic to move from one place to another.


Jackson Cuda 12 ensures a comfortable and sturdy ride in water. A comfortable and stable ride is highly correlated with chances of successful fishing experience.

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