Kayak Scupper Plugs: Keeps Your Kayak Dry

Kayak Scupper Plugs: Keeps Your Kayak Dry

Written by Joshua K.

Scupper holes are present in all sit on top kayak. These holes basically help to drain away water from the kayak when the load becomes heavy. Although this is a useful feature of the kayak, it can be highly bothersome as it wets everything inside the kayak. These scupper holes can be blocked by using scupper plugs. Scupper plugs helps to prevent the water from coming inside the boat thus keeps all items inside the kayak fresh and clean.

Reviews of Kayak Scupper plugs:

Here are some of the reviews of scupper plugs that can be used to block scupper hole in the kayak.


One should always remember to put scupper plugs tightly inside the hole. The harder plugs is pushed into the hole, the more air tight it would be to prevent the water from entering   the kayak.

Ocean Kayak Large Scupper Stoppers:

Scupper StoppersOcean Kayak Large scupper stoppers are one of the popular scupper plugs available in the market. This plug is very useful in preventing water from entering your kayak through the scupper holes. The scupper stoppers keep the kayak dry. These are very easy to use and durable.

The scupper stoppers have some pros and cons. They are as follows:

  • The Ocean Kayak plugs fit well and are very tight fitting. These plugs are really good at preventing the water from getting inside the kayak.
  • These are very durable.
  • The string attached to the scupper stoppers is not long enough.

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Shoreline Marine Kayak Scupper Stopper:

Keeps Your Kayak DryShoreline Scupper Plugs are also very popular in the market. The quality of this particular product is top notched. They are very efficient to keep the kayak dry. The tapered design helps this plug to fit mostly on any types of kayaks. It has a rope attached with it which makes it easier to remove.

The pros and cons of Shoreline scupper stoppers are as follows:

  • The scupper stoppers are of good quality
  • These works  amazingly
  • Can fit mostly on all kayaks
  • Easy to remove
  • Problem with the size. The scupper stoppers are big for some kayaks.

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Lifetime 90364 Scupper Plugs:

Lifetime 90364 Scupper PlugsLifetime 90364 scupper plugs are usually for sit on top kayaks. This plug  is  made up of easy molding foam. The plug is very easy to install and remove.

The pros and cons of Lifetime scupper plugs are as follows:

  • Keeps the kayak dry
  • It is easy to install and remove
  • Size of the plugs are not stated

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Scupper plugs are essential to keep the kayak dry and dandy.  This plug particularly comes in handy during long boat rides.  Every item inside the boat is important and ruining of one single thing can mess up your whole fishing experience therefore one should experiment with different scupper plugs mentioned below to  see which one works best for their particular kayak.

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