The Cutting Edge Kayaks of Slayer Series
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The Cutting Edge Kayaks of Slayer Series

Written by Joshua K.

Native Watercraft is one of the most advanced and reputed kayak designers of the world. It’s kayaks, marine sports gear and different kinds of boats have been acclaimed globally for their brilliant design, durability, high performance and reliability.

For kayak enthusiasts the designers of this reputed company have produced some of the most groundbreaking products through its much acclaimed Slayer Series that have changed the style and culture of kayaking forever. In this article, we have brought to you the latest and most ingenious innovations of this elite kayak manufacturers.

Our experts have tested these latest innovations of the kayak world in the roughest waters of the world and taken these vessels to the limit of their endurance to reveal their true ability to you.

Then, we have selected the five best and most advanced kayaks of Native Watercraft for your choice. Any of these kayaks can give you the ultimate fun, adventure and pleasure of kayak sporting with unbelievable comfort and safety.

How We Selected the Best:

Professional kayakers are always passionate about the latest innovations of the Slayer series of Native Watercraft. So, our experts, this time, were more than happy to get the chance of field-testing these magnificent vessels.

As usual, our selection process was extensive and based on rugged field-tests. The process is as follows: 

Examining the Design
From many of the latest designs our experienced experts hand picked some of the best designed kayaks produced in the Slayer Series of Native Watercraft.
Testing Material Strength
Then after studying the design, strength of the construction materials are verified in our own workshop.
Field Test
Then these kayaks are taken to the roughest waters and all kinds of waterfronts such as calm lakes, rapids full of rocks, fast flowing rivers, shallow seas and deep ocean.
Scrutinizing the Performance
During the field test, performances of the kayaks  are videoed and the footages are thoroughly studied to assess the performance.

The Best Kayaks of the Slayer Series

In this way through practical experience and scientific study, we have brought the best five kayaks developed by one of the best kayak manufacturers of the world.

Number 1: Ultimate 14.5 Solo Kayak

Native Watercraft Ultimate 14.5 Solo Kayak

This highly advanced solo fishing kayak has surpassed all of its predecessors in terms of speed, weight capacity and maneuverability. Although it looks similar to its immediate predecessor Ultimate 12 Solo Kayak, with new features and additional strength it has far outsmarted the Ultimate 12 which was also a phenomenon at its time. 

It’s 12 feet 1 inch long body and 30 inch wide bottom shell is designed for extreme stability and maximum storage capacity. It can carry up to 450 lbs of goods much more than any of its counterpart and even more than many tandem kayaks.

It’s so stable that a kayaker can easily stand on this kayak in any position and paddle it comfortably. It’s longer water line allows the vessel to glide through the water very smoothly and covers more space in a single relaxed paddle stroke.

It’s another very useful feature is unlike other kayaks it has multiple Grove Tracks which enables the kayaker to instal a variety of angling equipment with whereas even most of the advanced  kayaks have single bow to stern grove track or rail.

With multiple grove track it is possible to equip the kayak with D-rings for extra fishing and safety equipment like fish finders, life jackets, rubber tubes etc. The high profile seat gives the angler a clear look on the water which is perfect for fishing and finding the nervous water.

The comfortable seat has also lumbar support and swivelling option which enables the kayaker to move around without leaving the seat. So, long hours of fishing can be turned into the ultimate pleasure trip with this kayak. This kayak can be purchased at 999.00 US$.   

  • Stable, durable and has amazing weight capacity
  • Multiple grove track allows the kayaker to equip the kayak with a lot of gears
  • Sleek design glides the kayak very smoothly through rough, unfavourable waters
  • Specious bottom and extreme weight capacity has compromised with its speed but with expert kayaker it can attain a great speed.

You can learn more about this kayak from the manufacturer’s official website and watch this video to see its versatile use.

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Number 2: Versa Board Angler SUP

Versa Board Angler SUP

If you have not tried Versa Board Angler SUP yet, your kayaking life has missed one of the best kayaking experiences. This is an ingenious vessel developed by the brilliant designers of Native Watercraft. 

Its compact size, versatility and efficiency in fishing and touring in the lakes, rivers, or shallow seas and creeks has made it one of the most popular members of the Slayer series. 

As it is a stand up fishing kayak, it has been designed to gain a stability on the water that is unparalleled and unimaginable.

But unlike other stand up kayaks it has also an optional but very comfortable sitting arrangement. The seat offers extra cushioned support in the lower and rear back.

Beside it, the shell of this 12 feet 3 inches long and 33 inches wide kayak is fitted with a skeg to give the vessel with great tracking capacity. This skeg gives the kayakers a unique and addictive peddling experience especially in the slow currents and calm waters.

It has an appreciable weight capacity of 300 lbs. It is also fitted with Grove Tracks and two fishing rods for enhanced angling experience.

For its stability, versatility,  comfort and superb tracking capacity it is greatly admired by the kayak obsessed population of the world. You can buy this kayak directly from the manufacturer’s official website’s online purchase facility.

  • Versatile kayak with both SUP and sit on top features
  • Very stable with a great tracking ability and best for gliding through calm waters.
  • Very lightweight and can be flipped easily by the current produced by other motor boats
  • Sometimes unavailable in the online stores

Watch this video to see this kayak’s awesome performance.

Comparison Table Placeholder:

kayak Size Weight Capacity lbs Speed Features Cost US$
Slayer 13 Propel Angler Kayak 13 feet 2 inch long and 33 inch wide 400 Fast Tight Line Anchor Trolley, multiple grove tracks, leakage proof plugs 2599.00
Ultimate FX 15 Tandem Kayak 15 feet 3 inch long and 31 inch wide 600 Faster Tight Line Anchor Trolley, multiple grove tracks 1899.00
Ultimate 14.5 Solo Kayak 12 feet 1 inch long and 30 inch wide 450 A bit sluggish Multiple grove tracks, extensive storage capacity 999.00
Versa Board Angler SUP 12 feet 3 inches long and 33 inches wide 300 A bit sluggish Both SUP and sit on top kayak, stable and have considerable weight capacity Not Available


Slayer Series of Native Watercraft has given some of the best kayaks in the history of kayaking. On studying these kayaks’ performance and available features our experts would like to declare Slayer 13 Propel Angler as the best of the best kayaks of Slayer Series for its advanced features, versatile performance, availability and durability.

However, the rest four other kayaks are also very efficient and have a lot of unique features that make each of them second to none. In fact, any of these five kayaks can give you the ultimate experience of kayaking adventures.    

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