Review of Liquid Logic Remix XP9 Kayak

Review of Liquid Logic Remix XP9 Kayak

Written by Joshua K.


The Remix XP is designed to let you experience the best. Being an extension to their popular river runner series Liquid logic came up with a kayak that excels in both rivers and flat, calm lakes without compromising on the speed. If you are looking for a kayak that can go anywhere, is also comfortable, safe, and easy to paddle; this is the kayak for you. Liquid logic spared no effort in designing a crossover kayak that will give you the ability to paddle it in both flatwater and whitewater. The kayak is loaded with an integral skeg. Deploying the skeg offers amazing tracking abilities. When the skeg is tucked in the kayak bears the agility which is needed on whitewater. It is designed keeping both beginners, intermediate and expert paddlers in mind. The XP comes with a cockpit that features both comfort and safety, as it comes with seats that feature contoured support while the hull provides extra storage facilities.


  • A cross-over kayak for both small running river and flat and calm water.
  • An all-around Kayak that can go anywhere.
  • Designed for paddlers in all expertise levels.
  • Integral skeg and for flawless water handling.
  • Large,stern and lightweight hatch
  • Additional width and extended length and waterline for stability and speed.
  • Great for camping by offering a dry storage compartment that can easily br accessed through the large ‘backcess’ hatch.




46 lb / 20.87 kg


220 lb / 99.79 kg


9 ft 2 in / 2.7m


26 in / 66.04 cm

Cockpit Size                                                                  

36″ x 21.5″ / 91 x 54.5 cm

 Type of Kayak

Sit In

Number of Paddlers




Made in


  • The design: Designs are one of the most important and crucial factor that affects the kayak’s performance. The design of the XP is one of the best things about it as it does exactly what it is designed for. The skeg/fin allows for good paddling on lakes in down position and good paddling on rivers in up position. Also for the profile and the design of the XP, it really cuts through the water which helps in increase of speed.
  • The versatility: The kayak is designed to be versatile and work sleekly on all kinds of water surfaces. It can be paddled in rivers and creeks, also on slower water and lakes. You can basically take the boat anywhere.
  • The maneuverability: This kayak can rotate completely around easily with a few strokes. Which is very important specially in rivers for steering quickly. Thus it’s comfortable to maneuver and steer in water giving you the complete control you need.
  • The stability: The kayak is extremely stable. The added width helps it with it.
  • The fit and comfort: The fit and the seating of the kayak is very comfortable. The excellent fit lets it control all aspects of the kayak’s movement. It has a good lower back support. You can sit securely in the seat with back brace, thigh brace, foot pedals, and seat cushion. It is very important to maneuver the kayak in water, specially in river water.
  • The storage facility: You can fit a ton of things and gears in it. It’s great for camping, long river trips, both day trips and fishing.
  • The look: It looks good, even from a distance. It is also said that the materials used are supposedly more resistant to fading especially the yellow models.
  • Add-on accessory back-rest is made with a flimsy overly flexible plastic that gives a bit more back support but makes use of neoprene spray skirt impossible.
  • Hatch is not watertight at all. It leaks in spite of repairs and the hatch cover is not durable.
  • The two 7-ft linear channels molded into the underside of the hull that makes the boat difficult to turn in moving water, although it will spin readily in calm water.
  • Boat is very slow and the bow plows when paddling hard.
  • Although the stern hatch is very easy to get to, the plastic latch in the very back is not a great design and is prone to breaking.
  • It’s quite expensive. Especially if you’ll be using it in only lakes or rivers. But if you want to use it in both then it generally gives the value for the price.
  • The size of the boat most likely limits where it could be run but it’s a small issue if you are concerned more about cargo space.
  • The boat offers less flexibility to paddlers of larger in size.
  • The back hatch is in need of cam strap for extra security.

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Although a bit on the expensive side, the XP offers a good range of features and a great design that delivers. Liquidlogic did a great job in manufacturing a kayak that delivers what it’s designed for and does not compromise in performance. The boat is very versatile boat. While handling big water and plowing through rapids, it can also do flat water as well. It’s a great purchase option if you are not in a tight budget and looking for a kayak that is versatile in terms of design and performance.

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