Review of Malibu Mini-X Fishing Kayak

Review of Malibu Mini-X Fishing Kayak

Written by Joshua K.

You may be an avid fisherman who takes fishing too seriously or an adventurer who likes to roam around without purposes, or maybe you are just searching for a way to burn calories. Whatever be your goal, Malibu Kayaks are there to bring them into reality. Amid all the various models of Malibu, the Mini-X Fishing Kayak is exceptional in a sense that it is only 9 feet long but possesses all the features one can find in a 12 or 14 feet kayak. A standing platform is also available. And as the name implies, this one is designed mainly for fishing. You can, however, use it for other purposes like recreational paddling, touring, scuba diving etc. In this article, I am going to provide you with the ins and outs of Malibu Mini-X Fishing Kayak so that you can easily make your choice on purchasing this particular boat.




9′ 3″ / 282 cm


33.5″/ 84 cm


12″/ 30 cm

Hull Weight

40 lbs./ 18 kg

Max. Capacity                                                                   

325 lbs./ 147 kg

 Construction material 



  • Drain plug.
  • Nylon hook.
  • Rear bungee deck rigging.
  • Center moulded cup holder.
  • Adjustable foot braces for comfort.
  • Side carry handles and paddle holder.
  • Front and back rod holders one pair each.
  • Center rectangular hatch and front round hatch.
  • Standing platform to facilitate paddling and fishing.
  • Stern and bow handle for grabbing and carrying the kayak.
  • Small and Lightweight: This is probably the most distinct feature. Being only 9 feet and 40 lbs., this is convenient to carry and manoeuvre, as well as manageable by kids. Besides, it fits in the back of a truck easily in case you need to carry a long distance.
  • Versatility: Well, you have already noticed that Malibu Mini-X Fishing Kayak can not only be used for fishing, but also for touring and diving. And don’t be fooled by its small size, you can kayak in the big lakes, rivers and even in the bays and oceans. The Mini-X is a real all-rounder.
  • Storage: If you are planning a long tour and getting sceptical about the storage capacity, then you should see the features again. Stern and bow hatch along with bungee deck rigging- more than enough room for your stuff. This boat even competes with the 12 feet species in terms of storage space.
  • Durability: This is an extremely durable product. Doesn’t matter how roughly you handle it, it’s not going to surrender so easily.
  • Stability: Not something one should usually expect from such a small kayak. But wait, it’s no ordinary small boat, and it shows when you take it to the water. Malibu Mini-X fishing Kayak is very stable and you can cruise without any problem.
  • Features: There are plenty of features in a small package. Additionally, the fishing kayak has built in front and back rod holders. So it is unnecessary to install aftermarket rod holders unless you have any specific choice. The standing platform also converts it into an ideal fishing machine.
  • Speed: I have to confess, the speed is awful. You are not definitely going to win a race with this kayak. Even when touring, the sluggishness may be irritating. But bear with it; it’s a 9 feet boat, the speed is supposed to be low.
  • Too small for some: Well, the same thing was in the pro section. Apparently, what is a plus point for some can be the opposite for others. Like a tall (more than 6 feet) and an obese person may not be very comfortable in its compactness. Anyway, that depends entirely on the rider. So check if you are comfortable enough before making a purchase.
  • Texture and finish: The texture and the finish are not as perfect as you would expect.
  • Tracking: It is true the Mini-X is not designed as a touring kayak. Nevertheless, the tracking performance should have been better. The front end also moves while paddling.

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Finally, the Malibu Mini-X Fishing Kayak is a wonderful product at a decent price. If you are okay with a few drawbacks, you should seriously consider this one. Kayaking is not only about riding on the waters, rather there are many background tasks including lugging, maintenance etc. Because of its small size and lightness, all these tasks are much easier. And just to inform you, there are two more versions of Malibu Mini-X named Mini-X Standard and Mini-X recreational. You should have a glance at them also. I hope that helps. Happy kayaking.

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