Review Of Old Town Vapor 10 Angler Recreational Fishing Kayak
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Review Of Old Town Vapor 10 Angler Recreational Fishing Kayak

Written by Joshua K.


Fishing is one kind of popular hobby as well as an ancient  profession of human beings.It’s an act of catching fish may be for commercial purposes or may be for recreational purposes.Whatever the purpose is, fishing kayak is the most essential partner for better fishing in every watery areas like sea,river,pond or in lake.As a kayak is quiter and less noticable to fish than a normal boat,it’s the ultimate water craft while fihsing.

Features of Vapor 10

And so,those who are looking for such a helpful carrier for better fishing this article is exclusively for them.Here we are with top rated fishing kayak named Old Town Vapor 10 which always ready to give you the best services.This recreational fishing kayak is one of the best,most renowned brands available now.It’s the great choice for both prfessional fisher and those who are wanting to have a fun on water.It will give the ultimate pleasure of fishing as well as kayaking.Our below article is all about this kayak.

Features of Vapor 10:

Features of Vapor 10We always have a plan to buy the best one at the cheapest cost.Our discussing kayak is available at reasonable price along with the best features to attract the customers.Now we will go through the attractive features of this kayak part by part:

  • Having a spacious cockpit is the most advantageous side of a kayak to make you feel comfortable while kayaking.A roomy cockpit is perfect for get in and out comfortably.Small cockpit is less flexible and rough to use.
  • This spacious cockpit includes a molded-in cockpit tray for keeping essential instruments safely and a cup-holder for drinking purpose.
  • This kayak has an adjustable foot braces which allows you to spread your legs as on your comfortness.Along with foot braces it has a thigh pads to fix with the kayak and an adjustable padded comfort flex seat.With such features Vapor 10 gives you convenient seating area with perfect boat control.
  • Not every kayak has skid plate to protect it from damages.Skid plate protects the kayak’s kill from damages and if damage does occur you need not to replace the whole kayak rather than by changing the skid plate you can make your kayak as before.And it’s easy to replace a skid plate.
  • As it’s tough task to remove the whole water of a kayak and so Vapor 10 has drain plug purely for drainage.
  • There are two rod holders behind the seat to hold the fishing rod perfectly and a deck bungee for carrying convenient tools with the kayak.
  • Besides those there is also a stern day-well storage for storing your all goods for fishing project.Anchor trolley system is also available with vapor 10.
  • The Old Town Vapor 10 Angler 10′ Kayak is made of durable linear polyethylene with built-in carrying handles which make it  quite easy to carry the kayak to and from the water.
  • It can be used for both purposes fishing as well as recreation.
  • The two rod holders behind the seat  of this kayak are easy to reach.
  • It can track rather well and also takes on waves quite decently.
  • It’s very lightweight and easy to carry.
  • There is plenty of room under the front deck and also behind the seat for storage.
  • It’s quite stable even in wavy water.
  • The roomy cockpit is really great for tall and healthy guys not to feel crowded and helps them to keep tackle handy.
  • The length of this kayak makes it easy to maneuver around trees and logs.
  • You will never feel threatened by wind,wakes or submerged obstacles.
  • The front cup holder is too far to reach if you are sitting at the back.
  • If you are a small person you need a cushion under you to paddle easily or you will be tried to hold them high.
  • According to some buyers it’s slower.
  • For small sizes people it’s not perfect at all.
  • This kayak is unfoldable.
  • There are some issues with the drain plug of it.
  • The camo colour of this kayak is of the best quality.

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1.How long this kayak is?

  • It’s 10 feet long.

2.How much people can sit on it?

  • Only one can kayak with it.

3.What is the weight of this kayak?

  • It weighs only 49 lbs.

4.How much weight it can carry?

  • It can carry around 275-325 pounds.

5.Can anyone stand on it?

  • I wouldn’t suggest you not to stand on it.

6.What type of material uses for seat?

  • Foam.

7.What is the colour of this kayak?

  • Brown Camo.


Fishing is a profession with immense recreation.Those who are trying to avail the ultimate pleasure and excitement of fishing,Vapor 10 is solely waiting with it’s exclusive features for them.After reading thoroughly the whole articles if you find this product is convenient for you,go and take it and make your fishing little more easier and full of adventure.

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