Review of Perception Carolina 14.0 Kayak

Review of Perception Carolina 14.0 Kayak

Written by Joshua K.

Perception Carolina 14.0 Kayak is manufactured by Perception which is a reputed Kayak manufacturer from South Carolina, USA. This might be a potential boat for the buyers because of its brand value and service history, for Perception pioneered plastic kayaks and has been designing so for about 40 years. Carolina is one of the several lights touring models that are mainly designed for travelling longer. And the 14 feet Carolina comes with even more speed, better tracking and additional storage capacity compared with the Perception Carolina 12.0 Kayak. It’s wonderful texture and spectacular colour variation is also alluring. Let’s see more of it.

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14′ / 427 cm


24.5″ / 62 cm

Deck Height

14.5″ / 37 cm

Cockpit Width

21.5″ / 55 cm

Cockpit Length                                                                  

39.5″ / 100 cm


300 lbs. / 136 kg


53 lbs. / 24 kg


  • Stern and Bow Bulkheads.
  • Stern and Bow bungee deck rigging.
  • The constructing material is polyethene.
  • Carrier handles at both ends to facilitate carrying.
  • Additional length delivers more speed and storage.
  • Zone DLX seating system providing ultimate comfort.
  • Bow and Stern Hatches for dry and waterproof storage.
  • Knee and thigh pads, as well as adjustable foot, braces for augmented comfort.


  • Room: As mentioned earlier, it is a 14 foot Kayak and so plenty of room are available. This is perhaps a good news for the taller persons over 6 foot who often find it difficult to get a boat with proper fit. This one definitely has sufficient room for your legs and foot. The seating system also ensures more comfort. Another advantage of the added space is enough storage capacity. If you are planning a long tour, the extra storage may come handy. You can store goods at both ends of the boat. Also being waterproof, it can accommodate virtually everything.
  • Versatility: One of the best property of this kayak is its versatility. Whether it be a lake or a river you can use it anywhere, and can use it without any hassle. You can kayak even in the seas or oceans, as long as the wind and the current are not crazy.
  • Handling: The added length of the 12 feet boat means you can cruise at more speed. Besides this boat has a better tracking performance. Though it is a very large vessel, the turning is relatively smooth and easier. You can also install a rudder which will help in case of windy waves and improves turning. But you can do quite well even without a rudder. Overall Perception Carolina 14.0 is superior in terms of handling and performance.
  • Durability: The boat is durable in terms of both the structure and the texture. You can cruise through adverse environments without worrying about wrecking the boat. The colour also doesn’t fade so quickly.

There are not many problems associated with this model. However, you should consider some issues before making the final move.

  • Expensive: Actually the price is not really exaggerated when compared with the product quality. Still, some may not find it affordable because one has to spend almost a thousand dollars. So, if your budget is low, you have to compromise the quality and go for a cheaper kayak.
  • Heavy and Large: As you have already discovered, it is a 14-foot kayak and the weight is also pretty high. Apparently, it is rather made for the biggies. Smaller persons may find it quite heavy and hard to carry.
  • The seat could have been more comfortable. Purchasers often tend to replace the seat with a new one which costs around a hundred dollars along with instalment cost.
  • The bolts used in the handles are not strong enough. So the handles often fail to work.
  • And as it is a large boat, the turning may be harder which is not unusual for this type of boats.

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So the main point is, you have plenty of reasons to consider Perception Carolina 14.0. For a longer tour, durability, space and comfort- it is a winner. Furthermore, it’s a very good alternative of the Carolina 12.0 kayak for those who are taller and weighty. Don’t bother about the price because you are getting an excellent product with excellent quality. But remember to install a rudder if you are going to kayak in windy areas because handling and turning may be challenging there. And feel free to upgrade your boat whenever you wish.


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