Review on Top 10 sea and touring kayaks
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Review on Top 10 sea and touring kayaks

Written by Joshua K.

For some people, adventure on water is an extensive  resentment to their happiness. The shimmering water  is always adequate to put a smile on their face. Kayaking overtures a solitary panorama to those adventurous and sea loving people. The ambiance of being close to the water , ability to glide smoothly over the surface of the water is engrossing, compelling and forcible. Nowadays, there are many  types of  kayak out in the market. Right away, audacious  people are obsessed to buy sea and touring kayaks. The specialty of the sea and touring kayak  is, here one can have the ability to enjoy beauty, own time and sports but it will be more thrilling and gratifying. These kayaks are developed with higher cruising speed, cargo capacity,ease of straight-line paddling  and an absolute comfort.

What is the difference between sea & touring kayaks with others?

  • Sea kayaks are implied to voyage in open water and very stable. Where the others can’t navigate in open water.
  • They are much stable and speedy than others.
  • These kayaks can paddle long distance than any other kayaks.
  • These kayaks have a bow and stern bulkheads which prevent water from filling up the ends of the boat.

Choosing the right one:

Touring place: Before buying your likable kayak you have to fix where are you going to paddle predominantly. On the basis of your place , you can have your arsenal.

Color: completely depending upon you. Do want to be seen or camouflaged? The bright color will do if you want to be seen. And if you don’t then choose whatever you like. The market is manufacturing diversity in colors present days.

Length, width, hull shape: space which perfectly suits your belongings.

Speed: Speed is a very paramount aspect. The speed should be selected on your skill level. If you are a beginner take an instruction first then crave a simple one which is a bit slower than others.

Single or tandem: If you want to roam around alone then single will be perfect but if you want your partner to come along with you then, a tandem is going to buckle your mind.

If you want to know more than this video of paddling TV is going to help you for certain.

Don’t get hastened and in predicament to pick the requisite sea & touring kayak which is going to be worthy of your money. It will be prominent if you prospect our following review where we encountered 10 best sea and touring kayaks on their extravagant design, longest casting and nominal price after been analyzing comprehensively.

The information is demonstrated  in the comparison table;

The comparison table:

Name Length-width Weight Material  Ratings
Riot  Brittany 16.5 kayak  21.75 x 12.5 inches 66.1 lbs     polyethylene           4.8
Riot Edge 14.5 Kayak 14.6 x 21.6 inches 60.9 lbs polyethylene 4.9
Sea Eagle  393rl  Kayak  393 x  71 cm 33.5 lbs 1100 Decitex Reinforced             5.0
Ocean zest two EXP Kayak 12 x 23 inches 69.1 lbs polyethylene              4.7
Vibe Skipjack 120T Tandem Kayak 12.2 x 35 inches 72 lbs polyethylene              4.9
Venture  Islay 14  Kayak 427 x 60cm 25.5 kg Rotomolded plastic              5.0
Ocean Kayak Frenzy  Recreational Kayak 9 x  31 inches 43 lbs polyethylene              4.8
WILDERNESS  Thresher 140 Kayak 14.3x 29 inches 75 lbs polyethylene              5.0
Rave Sea Rebel Inflatable Kayak 8’7 x 35 inches 22 pound Aluminium              3.8
WILDERNESS SYSTEMS Tsunami 125 Kayak 12.5 x 26 inches 50 lbs Aluminium              5.0


Top ten sea-touring kayaks:

We selected ten best playful, all day fun, smartly designed sea and touring kayaks which will briefly give you a closure view to their attributes, pros and cons in the market,

Riot Brittany 16.5 kayak

Riot Kayaks are rapid, dexterous kayak which is accessible to any type of paddlers. This model is 16.5 feet in length and impeccable for touring. It has a retractable skeg and pilot rudder with high-performance custom fit seating system. Its absolute width make touring feasible of paddlers of all skills. There is deck emporium, ambush for compass, lifeline and safety belts. There is one front and two rear bulkheads, it provides dual density hatch cover, four deck cord storage and security bar.


  • Dual density hatch covers .
  • Quick-lock foot brace.
  • Paddle hook system.
  • Bow, hatch are 3 sealed components.
  • Security bar.
  • Not found yet.

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Riot Edge 14.5 Touring Kayak

A rounded kayak with slim deck line and slender bow constructed with polyethylene featuring pilot rudder system and custom –fit seating system. It is of 12 x 23 x 174 inches dimension . the rudder is unfoldable. It has swift & versatile character which is a major attraction for kayak lovers.


  • Bulkhead is bow & stern sealed with 15” rubber hatch.
  • Advanced contour fit outfitting.
  • Safety straps.
  • Pilot rudder system.
  • No cons found.

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Sea Eagle 393rl Kayak

This company have come all across with this innovative design which weighs 33.5 pound & has the load capacity of 500 pound. This drop stitch inflatable kayak(PVC is fortified by 1000 denier count ) having less weight and expeditious paddle accomplished for lone kayaking. It escalates to a pressure of almost 10 pound per square meter (PSI) in only 7 minutes. A very acute speed is created by its bow and stern model. The carbon fiber paddle speed can go upto 6 mph(Miles Per Hour).


  • Pro carbon paddle as carbon fiber transfers less heat and cold.
  • Small removable rear skeg.
  • The two drain valves are self- strained.
  • The seat and footwell place are impregnated .
  • There are three air valves which can pass through one way.
  • No cons found.

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Ocean zest two EXP Kayak

This recreational touring kayak has the maximum capacity to take greater weight. Along with you can take your child also. There is capacity of two person though its solo kayak. There are three molded –in seat wells, gear straps, patented overlapping foot wells, molded in handles and skid plates. It has dimension of 12 x 23 x 174 inches and weighs 69.1 pounds.


  • Maximum capacity.
  • Hull and deck design allows easy stacking of multiple hull.
  • A minimum warranty.
  • Comfortable for any type of height of human.
  • Paddles are not included with  the kayak.

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Ocean Kayak Frenzy Recreational Kayak

If you are looking for budgetary fun then this kayak can be the legitimate preference for you. You can find three different colors with comfortable back seat providing substantial forged in-seat well. The tank well is alongside portable bungee. It has a length of 9 feet and width of 31 inches having weight of 20 kg. The maximum capacity is 124.7-147.4 kg.


  • Comfort plus back seat.
  • Forged in cup holders & in the shaft for foot.
  • The side of the carrying handles are embedded.
  • Skid plate.
  • Threaded hull drain plug.
  • The durability comes from the special tri schemed shull of this kayak.
  • No cons found.

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Venture Islay 14 Kayak

A kayak with full volume bow having a great waterline for speed with asymmetric hull that is nimble on edge is this venture isle kayak. It has stable, manoeuvrability providing rear weighting & squared off stern. There is a optional fishing rod holders and rudder space & along with security bar & paddle recess behind the cockpit . You can have a better way to lift over waves.


  • Volume in stern & bow which carries the whole gear with ease on calmer water.
  • The cockpit position is ergonomic for a comfortable paddling.`
  • Removable pods and large hatches.
  • Elastic deck stores map.
  • Twist lock footrest.
  • A skeg aiding tracking in straight line.
  • No cons found.

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WILDERNESS Thresher 140 Kayak

This series of wilderness systems acolytes the high performance kayak of next generation which have eight different colors (desert camo, dusk, galaxy,indigo,mango,midnight,solar,sonar). The length 14 feet 3 inches, width 29 inches having deck height 14 inches & weighs 75 lbs i.e. 34 kg. This has efficient , stable hull with sleek deck & maximum storage. Its maximum capacity is 400 lbs with a highly efficient tracking, maneuverability, speed & stability. There is ventilation & drainage without limiting stroke and has a course control rudder which helps in steering.


  • Maximum storage is optimized by sleek deck.
  • Large capacity and accessibility.
  • Cutting edge advancement.
  • Flexpod OS removable console for consolidating fish finder electronics.
  • Phase 3 airpro seat.
  • Accessories (rod holder, side board) can be added by slidetrax accessory system.
  • Integrated paddle park with bow storage area.
  • Injection molded carrying handles are rigid .
  • No cons found.

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Rave Sea Rebel Inflatable Kayak

A lightweight kayak and perfect for enjoying on water. The proper dimension 8’7″ x 35″ x 8″ (262 cm x 89cm x 20cm) inflatable which weighs 22 lbs. There is 24 gauge PVC bladder with · durable 420D nylon cover 500D . the tarpaulin bottom prevents punctures and provides easy gliding . it provides elastic bungee storage straps, 4 carry handles, padded sling seat and bottom fins which helps in straight line tracking.


  • Adjustable backrest with resistant dry bag.
  • Recumbent sling seat creates comfortable and relaxing ride.
  • Hand pump, paddle, carry bag to travel anywhere.
  • Durable nylon cover.
  • 1 year warranty.
  • Paddle is small.

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A versatile kayak to remain on water all day long is Wilderness Systems Tsunami 125 kayak. The mid-range cockpit size is of shorter length. The length of the canoe is 12 feet 6 inches, width 26 inches , cockpit length 90 cm, cockpit width 49 cm ak height and deck height 39 cm. It weighs 50 lbs where the capacity it can carry is 274 lbs.


  • Adjustable padded thigh braces.
  • Bungee deck rigging.
  • Handles are of soft touch.
  • Slidelock XL foot brace system.
  • Stern and bow hatches.
  • Reflective static perimeter safety line.
  • Paddle holder.
  • No cons found.

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Vibe Skipjack 120T Tandem Kayak

Those who likes to have a tour with a companion will feel fortuitous to have this kayak. It’s a stable kayak with an easy way to paddle for any age or experience.There are two deluxe seats and a big space to keep a child you with. It has four scupper plugs and mounting points for mount rod holder. There are also four carrying handles and two bungee paddle parks. Its material is rotomolded polyethylene and it has the capacity for 500 pounds.


  • Two flush mount rod holders.
  • Rear cargo storage area.
  • Two covered hatches for storage.
  • Two paddle rest.
  • No negative feedback found yet.

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Basic safety rules for kayaking:

  • Weather condition and water temperature changes frequently . while going on a tour you should be aware of changes and take proper precautions. In cold water a wetsuit will keep you warm. In warm weather you can choose long sleeve dress for sun protection.
  • Off shore winds create difficulties to return to shore. So , try to have knowledge on wind .
  • Follow the boating rules in the time of kayaking.
  • Beginners should learn proper paddling techniques and water safety.
  • Always wear a helmet because paddling can be difficult sometimes.

This animated video can help you to learn some other safety rules .

How to sustain kayaks?

  • Always keep your kayak from rough places.
  • The distorted hull can be recovered by keeping in a place where sun is scorching wildly.
  • Pliable hull can be restored by hand shaping.
  • Check covers, cables, straps on a regular basis.
  • After paddling salt water rinse your hardware’s from the boat.

If you are still worried about the maintenance, have a little look on this video of Paddle tv.

Conclusion :

You are longing to have a run on water with a stable ride, want to scrutinize the water underneath and surrounding area, yearning to brawl the water wave with your speed, at that instant, the above kayaks are going to render your fantasy and trance. There is no obligation to be perplexed or to wander in market for buying. Rather read this review, It will save you time giving you the immaculate solution .

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