Sebile Magic Swimmer: A Must Have For Every Angler

Sebile Magic Swimmer: A Must Have For Every Angler

Written by Joshua K.

Do you want to fool the most finicky fish with a lure? When the water is clear and the sun is high, what you need is a lure that looks and acts just like a real fish. There are a lot of artificial lures available on the market with almost similar specifications and advertisements. To save a lot of your precious time, we are going to review the Magic Swimmer from Sebile, a renowned bait, and fishing accessories manufacturing company. The main specialty of this lure is that you can make it swim like no other lure. After deploying Sebile Magic Swimmer in the water, by simply reeling it you can make it swim like a living fish with turns and gestures that can fool any clever predator.

Features of Sebile Magic Swimmer:

These lifelike lures are very effective against all game fish in fresh or saltwater. Let’s find out what makes these lures so irresistible to the predators:

Jointed Design:
There are 2 super-durable joints in a Sebile Magic Swimmer which allow itself to impart a natural movement like real fishes. A rattling noise is created at the joints during its swimming action that attracts the predators even from a long distance in the water. Because of its ultrasonic body welding, it is 20-30% more stable than the standard glued lures.

Forward Buoyancy:
The Sebile Magic Swimmer can stimulate lifelike swim action with its greater forward buoyancy. Its specifically engineered weight system creates free-swimming motion of the lure which is too much for all gamefish to resist. It can even fool a speckled trout with its natural swimming gestures.

High-end Hooks:
To withstand strikes from the largest predators, Sebile Magic Swimmer comes with a high-end hook that is extremely sharp. The lures neither require any lip nor any paddle tail to make them swim. If you accidentally drop your target, the hook will help you from losing your lure. The hook also allows you to turn it 1in 360 degrees around in the water.

Enhanced Cosmetics:
With a humpbacked head and a tapered nose, Sebile Magic Swimmer is capable of garnering the attention of most predators. It is available in a variety of colors so that you can choose the color of specific species to attract specific predators. There are two versions of Sebile Swimmer Swimsuit on the market: hard and soft. The hard version comes in slow sinking and fast sinking versions. All the models are described below with pros and cons.

Sebile Magic Swimmer Swimbait – Slow Sinking


Slow sinking lures are great for fishing on the surface of the water and where there are many weeds. It is also great for easier cast and retrieval. The forward buoyancy is more than the other lures. These are lightweight too. It works well for catching gamefish that takes a long time to strike. This slow sinking hard model is available in 2 sizes and 7 different colors or species. It is priced from $14.94 to $39.99 with free shipping.

  • It offers superior control in current and waves.
  • Suitable for fishing on the surface.
  • It has more floating ability.
  • Not found yet.

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Sebile Magic Swimmer Swimbait – Fast Sinking


This lure sinks pretty faster than soft baits and slow sinking hard baits. It is mainly used more for game fish that swim deep underwater. This lure is heavier and forward buoyancy is less than other lures. It can handle rough water very well. This fast sinking hard model is available in 4 sizes and 10 different colors or species. It is priced from $9.99 – $40.95 with free shipping.

  • Superior control in strong current and waves.
  • Good for deep water fishing.
  • It is stronger than other lures.
  • Not found yet.

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Sebile Magic Swimmer Soft Swimbait – Sinking


Soft baits are for the most finicky gamefish. The soft build of these lures seems more lifelike to the predators when they come in contact. Since these are very flexible, you can skip many overhanging obstacles in the water in a quick turn. This soft model is available in single size and one color (Electric Rainbow). Each package contains 1 hook, 3 lures and added lead weights. It is priced at only $9.99 with free shipping.

  • Price is cheaper than hard bait version.
  • It looks more lifelike than hard baits.
  • Great for skipping under mangrove roots, docks, and other overhanging obstacles.
  • It is available in only one size and color.

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Final Verdict:

Selection of baits and lures are performed by every kayak angler very seriously. The Sebile Magic Swimmer has already achieved huge popularity among the anglers everywhere. Many have even caught white sharks using it. Considering the quality and features of the lures, it is worth every penny.


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