Speckled Trout Lures: Lures That Will Attract The Fish

Speckled Trout Lures: Lures That Will Attract The Fish

Written by Joshua K.

Saltwater anglers typically aim for Speckled Trout fish. This fish has various names like: specks, trout, spotted weakfish etc. Speckled Trout usually put up a great fight over the baits and very challenging to catch. This is one reason why speckled trout are very popular to saltwater anglers.

A live shrimp usually makes a good bait to catch a Speckled Trout. There are also many other artificial lures available in the market. The artificial lures are as effective as the live ones.

Types of lures:

Here are some types of lures which can be used to catch speckled trouts:


When fishing for a speckled trout, silver spoon can give you a good result. Advantage of using silver spoons is that these are readily available at the local stores and are usually cheaper than the others.

 Fishlike lures:

Fishlike lures tend to be more effective during the winter season. It is best to retrieve the lure steadily, keeping it off the bottom to tempt the fish to bite it. There are many types of fishlike lures available in the market. These lures are available in many sizes, colors and weights.


Jig is another type of lure. These lures look like worms. They are very effective for catching fish at night. These lures are also available in variety of colors, shapes, sizes and weights. Colors such as white, bright pink, brown and dark red are particularly effective for catching speckled trout.

Here is a review of one of the best fishing lures which can be used to catch speckled trout:

Dynamic lures, trout fishing lure:

Dynamic lures, trout fishing lureDynamic lures are designed to stay in an upright position when put in water. It has a very sturdy construction. It is made up of standard coated ABS plastic. It does not break easily. It has sharp treble hooks.

  • It is cheap compared to other fishing lures
  • It is very easy to use thus it is  very much handy even for the beginners
  • It works very effectively due to its design and construction
  • It is made up of standard ABS plastic which make it very durable
  • It is not very weedless which means that it can easily get caught in weeds or weed beds.

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Lures are important when you want to catch a speckled trout. Speckled trout’s are really powerful and tend to put a strong fight with the bait. You need to be really cautious while trying to catch this fish. Experiment with all the three baits mentioned here and see which one works best for you.

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