Stand-Up Fishing Kayak for Better Fishing

Stand-Up Fishing Kayak for Better Fishing

Written by Joshua K.


Manufacturers always worked their ways into bringing technological advancement into fishing for an upgraded and enhanced fishing experience. Kayaks are more than a hot new trend in fishing. If you’re a shore-bound fisherman, a recreational kayaker, or a boat fisherman Stand-up fishing kayaks are an exciting and relatively inexpensive way to get out on the water, there’s something in kayak fishing for just about anyone.

Reaching new waters and distant fish through kayak fishing is a lot easier and safer than it looks If you are searching for a good stand-up kayak, you are with right article to find your demanding one.

Why Stand-up Fishing Kayak?

Kayaking always offers an exclusive means to those who love spending time on water. There’s a revolution in fishing kayaks and it’s all about standing up in the boat. In other words it is the kind of kayak you use for fishing with slightly one exception than regular kayaks. You stand up on it. You might why would you need to do that. And here are few reasons why:

Being able to find the fish easily: One of the key reasons, as to why people prefer to fish with standup kayaks is, because it enhances your ability to find a fish. Sighting fish is exponentially easier while standing on your kayak.The angle of your eyes obviously more accurate to the water while standing than any other position.

No chance of knee pain or back pain: Many people experience knee pains or back pain due to nerve problems mostly due to sitting for a long period of time. Fishing takes time. Thus, it is very uncomfortable to sit for a long time by folding knees as well as keeping the body straight. Standing up is a comfortable option for fishing as it allows better blood flow all over the body.

Great exercise: Kayaking is always a great exercise which is an immense recreation as well. Stand-up kayak is great at exercising too as the Paddling while standing up burns a lot of calories, enhancing muscles.

Better balancing: Stand-up kayak helps to balance through the waterways. While standing you have a better view thus a better guard against wind and waves. Thus balancing is much easier in stand-up kayak.

Quick reaction: Standing up gives you a close proximity to every tool you need handy during your fishing time. Stand up kayaks give the opportunity to have a quick response towards any kind of situation you might face while being on the kayak.


Top 7 Stand-Up Kayaks:


Imagine Surf V2 Wiz:


Imagine Surf V2 Wizard



Those who are interested to spend his leisure time by kayaking as well as doing exercise at the same time, V2 Wizard is really for them.It’s perfect for fishing, fitness and also general recreation. It includes a deck bungee,two hatches for storage, a cargo bay and a flip up seat that truly makes the kayak more attractive one. The size of this kayak is 11-Feet x 35-Inch x 8-Inch ’ and package height is 9 x 38 x 136 inches.

  • It’s perfectly durable and stable.
  • Loading capability of this one is really applaudable.
  • Three colours are available-Orange,Yellow and Green.
  • It’s too much spacious to carry your all necessary goods.
  • When you feel tired of standing, flip the seat up and start kayaking being seated on it.
  • Tough to carry by a single person.
  • It weighs around 95 lbs which considers as heavy kayak.

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Old Town Predator 13 kayak:

Old Town Predator 13 kayak

Fishing with a kayak is always a great matter of unlimited enjoyment and hilarious time passing. Old town predator 13 kayak is ready to ensure your best services which you can achieve by kayaking.

The shell of this kayak is made of LT900 polyethene that ensures incredible strength and durability. The length and width of this kayak is 13’’2’ and 33.5’’ respectively and weighing only 86 lbs. This one is really perfect with deck bungees, side-mounted retainers for suitable grab-and-cast and dual trip holders at the bow.


  • It has stand-up assist strap.
  • This kayak is reasonably fast and stable.
  • It includes adjustable foot braces for comfortness purposes.
  • It’s exclusively introduced with six detachable strategically-placed high-strength mounts.
  • It has enough dry storage space and a tank well in the stern that provides a place to carry a live bait or a cooler well.
  • 33.5’’,this kayak may not be fast enough.
  • One of the most essential feature anchor trolley is absent in this kayak.
  • As it weighs 86 lbs,it’s really tough to load and unload without assistance.
  • With a length of 13’2’’ ,this one is significantly less maneuverable than any shorter kayak,with a width of.

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FeelFree Moken 12.5 Kayak:

FeelFree Moken 12.5 Kayak

In the course of time technical development of every product is being accomplished by us. FeelFree moken is introduced with new technology with a new level of services. Moken 12.5 is enough stable to stand and enough fast to handle larger coastal waters and larger lakes. It features with an internal rod storage, optional rudder and a standing platform. It length, width and weight are respectively 12’8’’, 32’’ and 72 lbs.


  • It tracks nicely.
  • Cockpit is perfect with roomy space for more storage.
  • Easy to paddleWeight carrying capacity is around 419 lbs.
  • It’s perfect for both purposes-Recreation as well as Fishing.
  • The molded-in handle at the bow helps the kayak to be carried without pitching right and left.
  • The wheel of this kayak in the keel conveniently handy for making one person transport very easy.
  • It doesn’t include all the features.
  • This kayak is little bit heavier and tough to carry without assistance.
  • The seat is not perfectly adjustable and that may cause your back pain.

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Lifetime 10 Foot Sport Fisher Tandem Kayak:

Lifetime 10 Foot Sport Fisher Tandem Kayak

Lifetime Sports Fisher is one of the latest invention of kayak industry that focused mainly on better performance. Including all necessary features with reasonable cost this kayak is really popular in the present market. Casting, sitting down, and standing up are very easy and comfortable in this kayak.
Dimension of this kayak is 36 x 19 x 120 inches and having carrying capacity around 500 lbs. This kayak is features a 6″ storage hatch, 2 padded backrests, and fishing pole holders.

  • Very easy to transport.
  • This kayak can accommodate up to 3 people.
  • There are multiple positioned footrests for varied sized riders.
  • It offers excellent hull design with enhanced stability and tracking.
  • It has paddle clips and cradles for securing paddle when not in use.
  • This kayak comes with 2 paddles, 3 rod holders, 2 back rests and an interior storage hatch.
  • This kayak is slower due to its wider and heavier size.

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Sun Dolphin Seaquest 10-Foot Stand Up Paddleboard: 

Sun Dolphin

Seaquest from Sun Dolphin can be used in fun and exercise for the entire family. Besides fishing, it can handle surf challenges too. It comes with with non-slip foot pads. The kayak is pretty durable capable of taking a beating. Offering maximum stability, it tracks and paddles  great. This paddleboard has an adjustable paddle which can be easily converted from single to double blade. Moreover, it comes with a recessed cooler area with strap.Sun Dolphin Seaquest comes in six different colors. Dimension of this kayak is 120 x 33 x 10 inches.It weighs only 50 pounds.

  • Very lightweight and portable with 5 carrying handle locations.
  • Easy tracking and paddling ensuring maximum stability.
  • There are non-slip foot pads.
  • Recessed cooler area with strap.
  • There is a fin for superior tracking.
  • Dry storage compartment with shock cord deck rigging.
  • The body attracts and holds dirt aggressively.

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Pelican Strike 100x Angler Kayak:

Pelican Strike 100X Angler Kayak, Sand

Pelican Strike is one of the latest invention of kayak industry that focused mainly on better performance. Including all necessary features with reasonable cost this kayak is really popular in the present market. This one is made of excellent twin sheet thermoformed RAM-X premium which is far far better than plastic.

Dimension of this kayak is 30.5 x 16 x 120 inches and having carrying capacity around 325 lbs. This kayak is features with an adjustable padded backrest with seat cushion, front dry hatch, two molders, paddle tie-down and foot braces.


  • Plenty of storage capacity.
  • It weighs only 53 pounds.
  • Speed of this kayak is notable
  • Rear,front and side carrying handle.
  • It includes Swivel rod holders and bungee cords Stern storage platform.
  • It also has two flush mount rod holders for adding more options.
  • This kayak has only one drawback that it’s easy to scratch the hull. The newer can easily lose it’s classic touch.

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Comparison Table:

SL Name of the kayak Materials Price in USD 5 star Rating in Amazon
1  Imagine Surf V2 Wizard Angler Polyethylene $839.99 55%
2 Pelican Strike 100X Angler Kayak, Sand Polyethylene $1,088.61 97%
3 Old Town Predator 13 Kayak Polyethylene $1,399.95 83%
4 FeelFree Moken 12.5 Kayak Polyethylene $899.00 100%
5 Pelican Strike 100X Angler Kayak, Sand  Twin sheet thermoforming $1,088.61 61%
6  Lifetime 10 Foot Sport Fisher Tandem Kayak Polyethylene $489.98 64%
7 Sun Dolphin Seaquest 10-Foot Polyethylene $449 40%


Perception Striker 11.5 Kayak:


Perception Striker 11.5 Angler Kayak


Finding a best kayak for recreational purposes become easier after the introducing of perception Striker 11.5. And undoubtedly it designed for angler. We are here with this kayak for stand-up kayaking purposes whilst it has sitting option too.

It length is 11’6’’ and width is 33’’ while capable of carrying around 500 lbs.Moreover,a signature tri-hull manages great stability for those who prefer stand-up kayaking. It features with an anchor trolly, four rod holders, molded footwells and side holder, a stand up assist strap and a 3.5lbs anchor kit.


  • Reasonable price.
  • Very easy to paddle.
  • There is also sitting option as well.
  • It turns nicely and smoothly stable.
  • No cons found yet.

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As it’s a matter of recreation and we all love to avail a quality recreation, so in case of purchasing a desired kayak we must be calculative as well as meticulous. Hope, our above information will help you to find out your best option and thus we will be happy by helping you.

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