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The Best Fishing Kayak Review

Best Fishing Kayak
Written by Joshua K.

For those people who may not have tried out kayak fishing, or those who need to upgrade their kayaks to a better one which is suited to meet all your fishing needs, then it is important to know that there are so many options available out there and with the right information, you can make a very wise decision. Kayak fishing is safer and much easier than most people deem it to be. In this article, we will cover some basics of kayaks, how to choose them and make some comparisons of some of the best models that are available online.

How to choose the best fishing kayak

=> When it comes to choosing the ideal kayak, it all boils down to the needs that you may have but you need to know that there isn’t a single size that can fit all.

=> Where do you plan to paddle and fish? By asking yourself this, you will be able to identify the needs that you have. All the locations have got unique needs.

=> Is the kayak strictly for fishing? You need to ask yourself whether you will be using the kayak for recreation or strictly fishing.

=> SOK or SIK: Many fishermen prefer SOK for saltwater fishing while others prefer the SIK when venturing into, moving waters.

=> Propulsion is yet another important consideration. Many kayaks are paddle power propelled but there are also some leg powered kayaks too. There are also the electric motor powered kinds of kayaks that have gained popularity.

=> Length- the longer it is, the better it will cover distances

=> Width- wider kayaks provide more stability and capacity

=> Weight- the car top capacity and the things you plan to carry should also be considered. When too heavy, you may need a cart so as to get it to the desired site.

=> Storage and  extras

=> Seat

=> Capability to stand and fish

How we selected the best

Kayak fishing is the fishing done from a kayak. Kayaks have for a long time been used for transportation as well as a means of approaching the kind of fish that is usually spooked easily like flounder and cobia. Its popularity in fishing circles has actually grown over the years and this is because of the broad appeal as being healthy and friendly to the environment.

It has a low entry cost in comparison to motorized boats. Choosing the most ideal one is of utmost importance, especially when you desire to get the most out of it. The choice was made based on the level of customization and the effect desired.

This is one important thing that has been considered. The reviewed kayaks are affordable and their maintenance cost is also low.
The kayaks can be stored in spaces that are small, thereby reducing the costs related to the storage.
The kayaks are also able to launch very quickly
Customization is one other thing considered. This in a way ensures that you get the most out of the kayak. Many anglers customize the fishing kayaks for a better experience.
When accessories are included, then the experience is even better as the kayak will be able to perform even better in the purpose that it is meant for. Such accessories include things like hatches, coolers that are inbuilt, rod holders, equipment mounts, GPS receiver, anchor strollers, running lights and live wells.
The design of a kayak is very important. In most cases, the kayaks that are meant for fishing purposes are characterized by wide beans that can be up to 36 inches and this increases their lateral stability. This allows the angler to stand in the kayak and then fish.
Storage space
This is yet another important thing that is considered when reviewing. When you are choosing a fishing kayak, then the space has to be adequate. The kayaks have a considerable amount of space which allows anglers to store their rods, anchors, extra paddles, wheels, batteries fir the fish finders and the fishing gear as required.
There are models that have cut-outs that can hold additional supplies at the very top of the kayaks
Moulding of the kayaks
This is another important consideration within review. Many of the models are made of polyethylene because it is durable and much cheaper in cost. Any fisherman needs a comfortable design that is truly stable. The mode listed offers great comfort and stability so as to make sure that the fishing and paddling is possible.
Technological development
This solves ergonomic issues associated with remaining seated for a long time without a change in position. Kayakers are freed from need to sacrifice speed to stability.

Review of the top fishing kayaksThere are many kinds of fishing kayaks that you can go for. You need to be careful with your selection so as to end up with the one that is most suitable for all your fishing needs

Intex explorer K2 kayak:

This is an amazing inflatable kayak and it has aluminum oars and can hold two people. It has a very high output air pump. It is most ideal for the low profile lakes and the mild rivers. It is one of the most amazing fishing kayaks that you can settle for and the best part is that it is available on amazon.Intex explorer K2 kayak

  • Lightweight: this kayak is made from vinyl material and this means you can easily stray off to your activities.
  • Removable/adjustable seats: it has Velcro kind of seats which can be removed very easily, so as to make some room for your fishing activities. The seats can also be adjusted so as to fit your own physical build.
  • Easy maneuver: the oars are made of aluminum and this makes the maneuvering stress free
  • Durability: vinyl can be deflated very easily and this makes it highly durable
  • Hand grips: the hand grips have got some issues. Since they are lightweight and made of vinyl, they can sometimes twist when held tightly.
  • Paddles: the paddles are a bit stuffy for the operation
  • It has a skeg that is detachable and so it is very easy to lose it if proper care is not taken to place it safely.

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Lifetime youth 6 feet wave kayak with paddle: 

This is an ideal kayak for the young people who want to try out a hand in kayaking. It is an amazing kayak and these are some of the pros and cons:Lifetime youth 6 feet wave kayak with paddle

  • Very easy to transport
  • Very easy to use
  • Suitable for kids
  • It is lightweight, making it ideal for the younger people
  • It offers amazing stability
  • It is durable
  • It is also quite affordable
  • Good maneuverability
  • Easy to paddle
  • If you don’t use it well, then it can easily take on water.

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Airhead AHTK-2 Montana Performance 2 person kayaks:

There are lots of pros that are associated with this kayak and they are in relation to the features and the performance and they include:

Airhead AHTK-2 Montana Performance 2 person kayaks

  • Comfortable and very spacious: this kayak is about 12 feet in length and this means that it offers a lot of space than the 10ft models. The seats are removable and inflatable and they also come with back support. There is a lot of room that can be used for different storage purposes. It has a tubular I bean floor that ensures comfort.
  • Safe and durable: this kayak is made with PVC that is semi rigid and heavy gauge. The weight capacity is 500 lbs. This allows two people to use it and they can bring their gear along. The three air chambers are enclosed by denier nylon which is coated to make it resistant to water and sun. The hardware is made with stainless steel as well as nylon to prevent corrosion.
  • Portability: another great pro as it weighs only 30 lbs. and it can fit the car trunk or a duffle bag. You can also store it at home, even when the space is minimal. There are nylon straps that can fasten it when deflated.
  • Sturdiness: it has a rugged durability as well as superior quality that stand the test of time.
  • Easy to handle
  • No storage bag, paddle or pump: these are necessities that aren’t included with the purchase of this kayak and you may have to purchase them separately, which may add to your costs incredibly. You can buy a duffle bag to make it easy to transport while others can make use of the nylon straps.
  • Slight deflation: it deflates a little bit once on water so you may need to have a pump with you
  • Removable bladders: these can make maintenance a bit cumbersome. Sand and water can get between the cover and bladder and you need to clean them out so as to prevent corrosion or mold.

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Sea eagle SE370K_P inflatable kayak with a pro package:

This is a kayak that can be used for fishing and paddling. When you use it for your fishing trips, you are bound to have a memorable time and your friends will be forever thankful to you. It is very economical and can carry up to three adults very safely.

Sea eagle SE370K_P inflatable kayak

  • It inflates easily in about 8 minutes and the same time is taken to deflate
  • It is affordable and can be used for many purposes
  • It is very stable even when you have a pet on-board regardless of how jumpy it is
  • It is very durable because of the use of K80 PVC material which is very thick
  • The floor has I bean and it can handle sharp claws and pricks from pets.
  • Easy to carry in a bag or in the trunk of  your car
  • Enough storage space that can handle lots of gear for excursions
  • Drain plug at the tow point and stern
  • Detachable seats which can be inflated and replaced
  • 3 chambers that are well defined for purposes of compartmentalized inflation meaning that even if a chamber leaks, one is able to float with comfort
  • A patch kit for dealing with holes
  • It is best for fishing and other activities may be cumbersome
  • You require a lot of coordination of two people use it together
  • It is slower than other types of kayaks

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Coleman Colorado TM 2 person fishing kayak:

This is a great fishing kayak and can also be used for paddling. This is a kayak that you can use with the family and friends. It has an affordable price and it has adequate space for storage. It is reliable and safe and it is very versatile with the operation. Even when you lower the fishing line to attract fish, you will still remain quite stable.Coleman Colorado TM 2 person fishing kayak

  • It takes much less time to deflate and inflate
  • It is very economical and an amazing choice for fishing
  • It is steady and stable regardless of the water surface
  • It is durable and this is guaranteed because of the material that is used in its making
  • Packing is also made very easy and it comes with a bag for easy storage and transports.
  • It has lots of storage pockets where you can pack different kinds of things as you venture out
  • The seats are adjustable and movable so as to make sure that you are able to fit well and very comfortably.
  • There is also chambered inflation, so that when a section leaks, the chances of draining are kept on the down low since other sections are still full
  • It has a pressure gauge that is very easy to use, that can measure the air pressure as you fill
  • It is most suitable for fishing purposes and may not be so amazing for other purposes
  • The Boston valve isn’t too reliable but if you fill the kayak with the air pressure that is recommended, then there won’t be any kind of hassle because of the many air compartments
  • When the seats are worn out, the replacement is next to impossible. Make sure that the kayak is packed carefully so as to eliminate the need for a replacement.

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Comparison table placeholder

kayak Size Shipping weight Capacity material Speed
Intex explorer K2 kayak 20 x 36 x 123 inches 37.8 pounds 2 persons Vinyl Fast
Lifetime youth 6 72 x 24 x 6 inches 18 pounds 1 person Durable HDPE Steady
Airhead AHTK‐2 Montana 11.6 x 20.6 x 28.5 inches 40 pounds 2 persons PVC Slow
Sea eagle SE370K_P 10 x 19 x 34 inches 55.3 pounds 1 person 38 mil PolyKrylar(K80 PVC) Steady
Coleman Colorado TM 24 x 10 x 18 inches 44.5 pounds 3 persons Heavy duty PVC Very fast

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