The Best Pedal Powered Kayaks
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The Best Pedal Powered Kayaks

Written by Joshua K.

If you want to enjoy a sunset amidst a river alone in a kayak, leaning back, holding a cup of coffee in hand and sipping into it every other while, what could be the best option for you other than a pedal powered kayak? You can do everything you want from wandering on the water to fishing, skiing on the wave, surfing, racing and anything you want to do in the river.

The most exciting thing is that, in every single means of enjoyment, you are no longer required to keep your hands busy for paddling the kayak. As a result, it is becoming the most favorite type of kayak among the kayakers throughout the world; for its flexibility of operation, swift motion of running and better adaptability in the adverse situation.


Why Should You Buy a Pedal Powered Kayak?

Unlike the paddle powered kayak, a pedal powered kayak brings you much advantage so that you enjoy your kayaking giving less complex effort.

  • It generates increased force that easily surpasses wind and waves.
  • No use of hand or other physical organ except your legs so that you can do multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • It goes faster than any paddle powered kayak.
  • Its seats are very comfortable and adjustable that every height of people can seat and pedal.
  • Easy maneuvering and more spacious as no paddle is required to keep at the side deck.
  • You can customize the pedaling system so that it runs faster than it is originally designed for.
  • Pedal powered kayaks are available in various shapes, design, and pedal propulsion system, for single or double user etc.

Comparison Table

Comparing Factor Hobie Mirage Outfitter Tandem Kayak Hobie Kayaks MIRAGE OUTBACK Native Watercraft Mariner 12.5 Propel
Type of Kayak Sit on top Sit on Top Sit on top
Number of Paddlers 2 1 1
Capacity 425 Kg 181.44 kg 181.44 kg
Length 3.86 m 3.68 m 3.81 m
Width 86 cm 83.82 cm 81.28 cm
Weight 45 kg 44.91 kg 47.17 kg
Rod Holders 4 4 3
Material Polyethylene Polyethylene Polyethylene
Price $3,449.00 + $189.00 shipping $2,349 $2,949.00 + $69.00 shipping

Different Types of Pedal Powered Kayak:

Although it seems that pedaling kayak is similar to walking on foot and moving forward, yet, it is not. We have found two types of pedal powered kayak which are available and used by the kayakers. These are:

  1.      Push Pedals
  2.      Rotational Pedals.

Before detailing the review about pedal powered kayak, let’s have a look on these two types of pedal powered kayak.

1. Push Pedals:

Push Pedal

A push pedal kayak is pushing a pedal forward with your foot that requires very small space and very limited movement. Every time you push the pedal, the propeller flaps and moves ahead. But when the pushing is stopped, the propeller slows down and when it is pushed again for acceleration, it needs much energy every time.

The limited movement is required to be done very quickly and repeatedly that may result in physiological side effects. The extremely restricted and repetitive motion of pushing pedal through extra leg force can create stress injury and early fatigue.

2. Rotational Pedals:

Rotational Pedal kayak is moving your legs on the pedal like walking; therefore, it needs full movement of your leg and foot. As a result, it is less stressful and speedier. The propeller rotates and moves; the leg requires more spaces than push pedal. While rotating the propeller and pedal, it creates uninterrupted motion and even if pedaling is stopped for a while, a little momentum may be lost. Eventually, it is unlikely to result in any physiological stress or fatigue.

How We Selected the Bests for You:

While we opted for choosing the bests of pedal powered kayaks for you, the kayaks were required to go through some of the tests that our experts fixed for them. After rigorous testing based on the following, we have selected our best pedal powered kayaks.

Sitting Arrangement
Sit in kayak and Sit on top kayaks are the two sitting systems of pedal powered kayaks. Our experts have tested that whether sit-in-kayak or sit-on-kayak could be better than each other while floating on surface.
Between two types of pedal propulsion, it has been studied which of the propulsion takes less energy but more speed and control.


Experts have found that the larger the size of the kayak, the easier it is to control.


The weight has been a significant factor in selecting the best kayaks. Our experts have studied the weights based on the size.

Field Test
Different kayaks from different brands have been sent to water; stagnant, wavy, flowing and then keenly observed their performances.
Enduring Capacity
The strength and easiness of the control has been a subject to study in those different types of water.
Cost Effectiveness
Our designated experts have studied the cost effectiveness so that the kayaks can provide maximum support with as minimum cost as possible.

The Best Pedal Powered Kayaks:

We have finalized some of the best pedal powered kayaks for this review from a variety of kayaks with unique features. They are described below with their specifications and characteristics.



The Hobie Kayaks Mirage Outback is speedy, stable, comfortable and easily operable. It features the new Vantage CT seating system with 3 height options along with the ability to recline. The Outback includes a paddle as well as the Mirage Drive, molded-in rod holders and trays, storage compartments, Lowrance-Ready capability and a gear bucket that fits in the round hatch.

One person can seat in this very lightweight kayak of only 44.91 Kg. To know more, pay a visit to the manufacturer’s website. It can be purchased at $2,349 from the online markets .

To see its performance, watch this video.

  • Features the multi-adjustable Vantage CT chair.
  • 2 Molded-in drink holders and 4 Molded-in rod holders.
  • Molded-in storage wells all around the cockpit.
  • One gear bucket.
  • Can be equipped with Lowrance transducer and fish finders.
  • Although a pedal powered kayak, it has also a pair of extra paddle for better performance
  • Not that spacious and less stable in the calm waters as this very lightweight kayak has been built for speed and agility.

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Hobie Mirage Outfitter Tandem Kayak

Hobie Mirage Outfitter Tandem Kayak

Hobie Mirage Outfitter Tandem Kayak can provide you almost every exciting facility that a kayaker desires. Just like you walk, it allows you to paddle easily with your feet.

To concentrate on bird-watching, fishing or just enjoying a drink, this hands-free way to head around the water can give you great opportunity. There are 2 paddles that you can store when you want to paddle your way around. To aid in tracking, there is also a Twist and Stow rudder. There is a cargo area, hatches, and stowage pockets to  ensure sufficient storage area for your personal belongings and some fish. It has adjustable high back padded seats that provide plenty of comfort and support for the time you spend on the water. Among other features,sail mount, utility trays, cargo area with bungee tie-downs, Twist and Stow rudder,2 piece paddles with on hull storage, rudder control,  etc. are noteworthy.

You can learn more about it from the manufacturer’s website.This video can introduce the kayak with more illustrated detail. It can be purchased from online markets at $3,449.00 + $189.00 shipping.

  • It is equipped with powerful two Mirage Drives with ST Fins.
  • Four molded-In rod holders,two-piece paddles with on-hull storage.
  • Dual steering with Twist and Stow rudder.
  • Vantage CT seating and two mesh-covered stowage pockets.
  • Sail Mount with three 8” twist and seal hatches.
  • Price is very high comparing to similar products.
  • This kayak is relatively slow.

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Native Watercraft Mariner 12.5 Propel:

Native Watercraft Mariner 12.5 Propel

The mariner 12.5 propel SOT kayak brings a combination of the concept of kayak and bike in its pedal system. It can move back and forth with easier pedaling. It has been designed for the best flexibility. It has a wide open rear deck that can be used to jump for snorkeling or swimming and then to re-enter the kayak easily.

It is single seated that will allow the passenger cum driver to enjoy the ride completely. It can be purchased at $2,949.00 + $69.00 shipping from the purchase page of the manufacturer’s website.

To see how it works, a video may be seen.

  • Patented tunnel hull for added stability for standing and paddling or sight casting.
  • Air-Lite seating system dries quickly and can move forward or recline.
  • Built in rudder system.
  • Includes Scotty flush mount rod holders, Scotty side mount rod holder, an anchor trolley, and a 1.5 anchor kit.
  • Built in Propel Drive System works in both forward and reverse.
  • Exclusive features and design made it a rare collectible in the common market.
  • The camouflaged outlook of the kayak can make it difficult to detect in case of emergency rescue operations.

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After rigorous field works, market researches and product studies; our researchers have selected these 3 of the best pedal powered kayaks for you. Still pedal powered kayaks are not that available in the market but thanks to its comfort, mobility and maneuverability surely it will be the next big thing in the world of kayaks and kayakers. All of these items are distinct with their own features.

When you opt for buying a pedal powered kayak, read this review article, learn more from the provided website links and see their performance, introduction from the given video links and then choose any one from the three. Since the pedal powered kayak is a promising product for kayakers, we hope that in the near future, the kayaks will be more upgraded and marketed with more modern features, with highest flexibility and safety.

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