The Best Tandem Kayaks in the Market

The Best Tandem Kayaks for All

Best Tandem Kayak
Written by Joshua K.

If you want to do a good deal of exercise along with unlimited fun while exploring beautiful places kayaking is the best option for you. And tandem kayaks are giving you the opportunities to feel the excitement of adventure and fun with your soul mate or partners.

However, tandem kayaks are made for navigating through some of the most challenging waters of the world. So, when you buy these boats you must know what to buy and how to buy. Here we shall suggest you some of the best tandem kayaks which are purpose built for your needs.

How We Choose the Bests for You

Before choosing the best kayaks for you, our experts have conducted thorough and elaborate field tests with the tandem kayaks.

For several weeks tandem kayaks of different categories have gone through some of the roughest waters and their performances were monitored through mounted video camera. After observing and evaluating the footages, some of the most durable and also affordable kayaks have been selected for you.

Selecting the Best:

However, while selecting the kayaks some issues besides performance in the waters have also been considered. If you want to buy the perfect kayak in tune with your purpose you must remember these points. These are as follows:

The User
While buying the best boats, don’t just spend money on the lucrative looks. Keep in mind your purpose and needs. Here we have suggested best tandem kayaks for different categories of users such as beginners and ocean goers.
Think about weight
While buying boats you must keep in mind the weight of the boat and your own body weight itself. There are many good quality tandem kayaks in the market which are made of lighter materials without compromising their durability.

We have selected these lighter but durable boats and scrutinised their performances in the harshest and most challenging conditions of all kinds.

Agility and Manoeuvrability
These are the most important features for tandem kayaks which depend on the boats and length and width and changes in length and width varies on the purpose of your kayaking.

Long, thin kayaks run faster and short and specious kayaks turn more smoothly in the twisty rivers. However, in these reviews we have accommodated all these categories so that you can pick the most suitable for your purpose.

One of the major things you have to think about before purchasing tandem kayaks is where you will store it and how can you carry it.

In this review, we have selected some of the best portable tandem kayaks for you which can be carried all around in your car and can stored whether in your garage or you can also buckle them up in your suitcase.

Kayak’s performance varies on their designs. U shaped kayaks which have smooth bottom have more primary stability and stay stable in moving water where as V shaped kayaks which have a keeled bottom have more secondary stability that means these kayaks stay more stable in flat water. Both these designs have been placed here so that you can pick the most suitable for you.
While selecting the kayaks, we have tested the internal features such as seats, cockpit, skegs, thigh braces, hatches, paddles extensively and picked the best ones.
Cost is a big factor for buying tandem kayaks. There are many good boats with affordable price but it is tough to get those. We have brought some of the best products with most affordable price

Best Tandem Kayaks for the Beginners:

If you are a beginner and set out to buy the first tandem kayak of your life you will feel pain on your butt with so many puzzling options and variety of kayaks. Through extensive field tests and endurance tests we have brought to you three of the best tandem kayaks that you should buy if you are a beginner in kayaking. These are as follows:

Number #1: Sea Eagle 330

Sea Eagle 330 (SE 330) has been picked by our experts as the best tandem kayak for the beginners. Its inflatable and extremely lightweight body of 26 Ibs made of puncture proof K-80 polykrylar hull material has made it one of the most durable boats available in the market.

It can easily carry a load of 500 Ibs on its sturdy structure. Like surf boards it has two moulded skegs which ensures more speed with less pedalling effort. All these durability and comfort comes at the cost of only 279.00 US$.

Sea Eagle 330

  • Lightweight, durable and affordable
  • Comes with inflatable spray skirts, inflatable front and rear seats, two oars, reliable foot pump, and carrying bag
  • Very comfortable and fast in all types of water
  • Motor cannot be mounted on it
  • The inner space might be felt inadequate for two plus size adult people

Learn more about this vessel here and watch this video to see its performance.

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Number #2: Lagoon 2

Lagoon 2 by Advanced Elements is also one of the best kayaks for the beginners. This highly durable inflatable boat’s outer cover is made of thick polyester covering with PVC laminate and the bottom of the boat is made of PVC tarpaulin.

However, this light weight boat of 37 Ibs is also very comfortable as it has features like high support folding seats, rubber moulded handles an paddles, mesh pocket, bungee deck lacings etc.

Lagoon 2

  • Layers of PVC coverings and high density fabric ensures lightweight and superb durability
  • Fit for any waters like lake, rivers, estuaries or bay
  • Comes with  carrying duffel bag, two folding seats, repair kit and a manual
  • A bit expensive for many beginners
  • PVC made handles and features may break or twist if not handled with care
  • Though it has weight capacity of 350 Ibs, it rides low with 300 Ibs weight

Learn more about this kayak here and watch this video to see its performance.

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Number #3: Solstice Trekker

It is also one of the best kayaks for the beginners as it is also very durable and affordable. It is made of lightweight but sturdy 500 derriere 3-ply fabric reinforced material and has a high pressure valve for super fast inflation and deflation.

This material is abrasion and puncture resistant, light to transport and extremely portable. It offers the kayaker with added comfort with cushioned backrest, adjustable seat and unique adjustable floor beam. This prime vessel can be obtained at the cost of $330.39 + $26.49 shipping.

Solstice Trekker


  • The 14 feet long and 30 inch wide body runs very smoothly in bay or oceans
  • This tandem kayak can easily be readjusted as single person kayak
  • It can be carried easily in the trunk of a car
  • Low profile design
  • Some cases of leakage of floor air compartments have happened

Learn more about this kayak here and watch this video to see its performance.

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Comparison table placeholder:

kayak Size Material Weight Speed Price(US$)
Sea Eagle 330 10 feet long 33 inch wide K-80 polykrylar 26 Ibs Fast 233.00
Lagoon 2 12 feet long 34 inch wide Polyester and PVC tarpaulin 37 Ibs Fast 469.85
Solstice Trekker 14 feet long and 30 inch wide 500 derriere 3-ply fabric 38 Ibs Faster 334.39

The Best Ocean Tandem Kayaks

If you are regular ocean surfing kayaker, you need durable, long and sturdy kayaks. These kayaks must have the strength to endure the corroding saline waters and have the capacity to float like a cork on the bouncy waves.

Ocean going kayaks are often fitted with rudders instead of skegs to ensure more manoeuvrability and steadiness.  For experts kayakers like you, our experts have brought to you some of the best tandem kayaks purpose built for sea waters.

Number #1: AE1007-R

Considering performance and affordability this is the best ocean going tandem kayaks available in the market. This fifteen feet long kayak’s sturdy bow and stern aluminum frame is strong enough to face the corrosive and strong oceanic currents.

This inflatable kayak can be easily converted into solo or a tandem kayak. Three layers of strong fabric covering make this inflatable vessel absolutely puncture resistant. Comfortable seats and a lot of space inside the kayak have made it very easier to move in any waters under any condition with maximum 550 Ibs load. Price of this awesome vessel is 749.99 US$.



  • Very spacious and comfortable
  • Aluminum ribs provide extra strength and agility
  • Can be converted into solo or tandem kayak easily
  • Inflating the boat may take longer than the usual ones (35 minutes)

Learn more about this kayak here and watch this video to watch its performance.

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Number #2: Sea Eagle SE370

This lightweight, durable inflatable kayak is one of the most sold out vessels in the market. This kayak of 12 and half feet long, 3 feet wide and 32 Ibs can accommodate up to 3 persons of total weight 650 pounds. Its 33 millimeter thick polykryler hull and I-beam construction floor give it extra strength and rigidity against sea currents.

It can also easily land on the beach full of shells, mussels and rocks. It can be inflated and assembled within only 8 minutes. This tandem kayak can be obtained from any online shop at 309.99 US$.

Sea Eagle SE370


  • Lightweight, durability and comfort at a very affordable price
  • Steady and easy to control
  • Easier to assemble, inflate or deflate and highly portable
  • Kayakers may have to buy extra seat it for a comfortable kayaking
  • Not very fast but steady and more maneuverable

Learn more about this kayak here and watch this video to see its performance.

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Number #3: Lifetime 10 Foot Manta

This is also a superb 10 feet long tandem kayak which can also be converted for solo use. This sit-on-top 60 Ibs kayak can is made of durable but lightweight polyethylene plastic which allows easy transportable in SUVs, minivans or trucks.

It has very suitable and comfortable features such as comfortable, high and dry seats, paddle cradle, mast receiver receptacle for a sail, fishing pole holder, cup holder, forward cargo area, and multiple foot wells to provide different-sized riders with leverage when paddling. This awesome vessel can be obtained in any online stores for 484.99 US$.

Lifetime 10 Foot Manta

  • Strong, durable, stable and extremely manoeuvrable
  • Spacious and comfortable
  • Used both as solo or tandem kayak
  • Less portable than many kayaks
  • Not so fast but more stable and steady

Learn more about this kayak here and watch this video to see its performance.

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Comparison table placeholder:

kayak Size Material Weight Speed Price(US$)
AE1007-R 10 feet 5 inch long, 32 inches wide Aluminium frame 32 Ibs Fast 749.99
Sea Eagle SE370 12 and half feet long, 3 feet wide Polykryler hull and I-beam construction floor 32 Ibs Sluggish
Lifetime 10 Foot Manta 10 feet long Polyethylene plastic 60Ibs Fast

Most Exclusive Tandem Kayaks

Now let’s learn about two of the big guns in the world of ocean going tandem kayaks. These were the top tandem kayaks in 2015 and experts say that they will rule the world even in 2016 and onwards. You need not only a lot of bucks but also sheer luck to find these elite vessels in the market.

Pamlico 135T

If you don’t have any budget constraint, you should try this vessel of superb design and amazing features. It is one of the best selling kayaks of 2015. It is fitted with rudder that ensures awesome control and manoeuvrability even in the most challenging ocean waves.

It’s sliding seats are adjustable and has very comfortable backrest and spacious knee rest. This 13 and half feet long and 31 inches wide boat is highly durable and also very lightweight. If you are a passionate kayaker, you should obtain the boat before the stock gets exhausted. It costs $925.00 + $60.00 shipping.

Pamlico 135T

  • Extremely durable and fitted with most upgraded and customized features
  • Fitted with rudder for enhanced manoeuvrability
  • Expensive and quite limited in numbers in the market

Learn more about this kayak here and watch this video to see its performance.

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Hobie Mirage Adventure Island

This is the most exclusive and most expensive tandem kayaks available in the market. This sturdy boat is fitted with two crossbars which allow amazing steadiness, manoeuvrability and you will feel like you are floating in a island. MirageDrive system allows you to paddle the boat completely hands free, swiftly with your legs.

Sails on the two-piece mast allow you to ride in the wind. However, you need to have a lot of bucks and also the luck to get this luxury kayak. You can buy one of these jewels at 6728 US$ (including shipping cost) if the stock is not already exhausted.

Hobie Mirage Adventure Island

  • Fitted with most modern and comfortable features with extreme durability and high sea performance
  • Fitted with rudder, two-piece mast and a pair of crossbars which ensures superb navigation
  • Highly expensive and quite rare in the market

Learn more about this kayak here and watch this video to see its performance.

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In this review, we have declared Sea Eagle 330 as the best kayak for beginners and AE1007-R by Advanced Elements as the best ocean going kayaks. We have also described some of the best kayaks of unique features and two of the most exclusive and most modern tandem kayaks. The world of tandem kayaks is evolving fast with newer technologies and features. However, the kayaks featured here are the world’s bests and these will continue to rule the waters of the world for years to come.

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