The Bests of the Feelfree Kayaks

The Bests of the Feelfree Kayaks

Written by Joshua K.

In the world of kayaking, Feelfree is a phenomenon. It’s kayaks are admired all over the world for their dashing designs, most advanced accessories, sturdy body and superb manoeuvrability and agility. Whether fishing kayaks, recreational kayaks or simply fast, agile racing sport ones, Feelfree has won the hearts of kayakers all around the world. Two of the most successful model of Feelfree fishing kayaks are the Lure and Moken kayaks. In this review article, we shall be introduced with some of the most advanced members of these two families of kayaks.

Feelfree Lure kayaks are the pioneer of comfortable fishing kayaks. For its spacious storage capacity, unprecedented comfortable seating arrangement and camouflaged body fitted with the most advanced fishing accessories the kayaks of Lure series are some of the most sought after vessel among anglers. Among the kayaks of Lure series, one of the most popular and best kayaks is Feelfree Lure 10. Let’s know what this superb kayak offers and its specialties that made it one of the best favoured fishing kayak in the world.

Feel Free Lure 11.5:

Feel Free Lure 11.5

Very recently Feelfree has upgraded the the Lure 10 (but not replaced) and equipped it with more new few features for advanced kayakers and anglers. With increased size, weight capacity and sleek design, it has taken the kayak fishing to a whole new world. The Lure 10’s limitation to ride through the treacherous waves has been overcome by this bigger brother of Lure 10.

Lure 11.5 has been designed for long angling session in all kinds of waters such as big rivers, oceans, rocky rapids and lakes. It has all the unique features of Lure 10 such as extra comfort and height adjustable gravity seat, standing pad, flush mounted rod holders and uni track rail. In addition, it is equipped with removable sonar and electronic pod. This dedicated pod can easily install fish finders and transducers of any brand without drilling any hole on the rail of the kayak.

With increased length of 11 feet 6 inches and 36 inches wide beam, this kayak has ensured superb speed with extra stability of Lure 10 kayak. It’s sturdy polyethylene body can carry up to 425 lbs while it weights only 74 lbs. Available in six camouflaged outfits this kayak is certainly one of the best choices for the advanced kayakers.

  • Height adjustable, extra comfort gravity seat
  • Standing platform with standing pads
  • Foot braces with spacious foot rest
  • Sleek hull design and extra wide beams ensures maximum speed, stability and mobility in all types of waters
  • Uni-track rails and dedicated pods to install electronic and sonar fishing devices
  • Easy to transport with patented wheel in the keel system
  • Increased weight capacity and speed
  • A bit expensive than the earlier versions of Feelfree Lures
  • Not always available in the offline markets without certified dealers outside US

However, we can get a clear picture about this vessel’s superb performance by comparing it with one of its existing competitors in the market. The closest competitor of Feelfree Lure 11.5 is Jackson Cuda fishing kayak.

Visit the manufacturer’s website to know more about this kayak and check out the following video to watch its amazing features and performance.

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Jackson Cuda 12:

Jackson Cuda 12

Jackson Cuda 12 is another highly advanced fishing kayak. Its aerodynamic design without compromising speed has made it a very successful competitor in the kayaking world. This kayak has also considerable storage capacity with adjustable hatch options. It’s seat is comfortable but not as advanced as the seat of Feelfree Lure 10 or 11.5.

This 12. 7 inches kayak with beam width of 31 inches can carry up to 350 lbs while its weight is only 70 lbs. It has a central storage chamber that can carry a large quantity of dry goods thanks to its lockable hatch. Instead of uni-track rails, Jackson Cuda is fitted with Yak Attack Gear tracks for rod holders and other devices where only YakAttack rods can be installed. Cuda 12 also has several moulded GoPro noches to install GoPro fishing gears and RAM mounts. In total it has one Go Pro mount, one RAM 2007 rod holder, and 2 Ram rocket launcher rod holders. Although these branded features have added extra facilities for the anglers, It has also limited the owner of the vessel to rely solely on single brand for obtaining fishing accessories.

There are some unique features of Jackson Cuda 12 that can be found in very few kayaks of the world such as fishing rod stagers. This unique casing in the kayak keeps the rods firm and prevent it from falling into the water while not in use. There are also some special pouches in the kayak to protect the fishing gears from the adverse impacts of the elements. There is also another unique device called Line Cutters. These are double edged blade which can be used to cut the monofilament and braided fishing line with utmost ease and efficiency.  

Due to these features, Jackson Cuda 12 has been often mentioned as a formidable competitor of Feelfree Lure 11.5 kayak.

  • Has unique features like Line Cutters, rod stagers and special pouches to protect the fishing gears
  • Long, sleek design can attain great speed in all kinds of water
  • Special safety straps for standing on the kayak safely
  • Branded rod holders limit the users to use only fishing gears of only one brand
  • Compared to its length it is heavier and lower weight capacity.
  • Expensive than many of its similar counterparts

 Watch this video to see the and features and field performances of Jackson Scuda 12 kayak.


So, now we can easily understand that although both the kayaks have unique features, comparing overall performance, features, quality and affordability our experts have declared that Feelfree 11.7 is much superior to its competitor Jackson Cuda 12. With available accessories Feelfree 11.7 can give you the best kayaking and angling experience in any kind of waterfront all over the world.

Before concluding this review article, let’s know about another awesome innovation of Feelfree kayaks. With its advanced features and multipurpose design, this innovation has crossed the border between fishing kayaks and touring kayaks.

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Feelfree Moken 10 Standard:

Feelfree Moken 10 Standard

Moken 10 standard is one of the best kayaks of Moken family introduced by Feelfree kayaks in 2015. This superbly designed kayak is equally suitable for long hours of angling in the lakes, oceans and rivers or it can easily be used to travel into the most inaccessible waterfronts of the world. It’s 10 feet 4 inches long hull and spacious 35 inches wide beam ensure maximum speed without compromising stability. This combination of agility and stability has made it one of the most maneuverable kayak in the world and equally suitable for professional kayakers and the novice paddlers.

Moken 10 is renowned for its comfortable and easily replaceable Kingfisher seating arrangement. This seat has been placed and designed in such a way that every fishing and kayaking gear can be reached very easily from the cockpit. Equipped with three rod holders within a very accessible distance from the cockpit. Designed both for touring and angling purpose, this kayak has been designed with awesome storage capacity. It has 8 inch round hatch which can easily store dry goods and supply for the touring session. Besides, it’s center console and spacious side pockets can carry up to 440 lbs of goods and supplies.

Transportability is a prime feature for any fishing and touring kayak and for this reason, the designers of Feelfree has come up with an ingenious solution. Moken 10 has been fitted with several molded in handles which enable the users to carry it very conveniently. With its wheel in the keel system, the users can move with the kayak as easily like moving with trolleys or wheeled suitcase. Feelfree also provides all the necessary spare parts and accessories needed for this amazing kayak. This amazing kayak can be purchased at 739 US$ from global online markets.

  • A remarkable combination of angling and touring features
  • Kingfisher sitting system
  • Molded in handles for easier transportation
  • Shorter in length and spacious beam make it a bit slower than many touring kayaks
  • Not always available in the offline markets outside US without certified dealers

Visit the manufacturer’s official website and watching this following video will enable you to know more about this kayak and its amazing features.

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Feelfree Lure 10:

Feelfree Lure 10

Feelfree Lure 10, commonly known as Lure 10 is the first of the Lure series kayaks. It’s spacious design and comfortable seat and space for foot-rest and standing space made it an ideal kayak for long angling sessions. Its spacious hull provides extra stability on moving and calm waters.

However, Lure 10 has made revolutionary change in cockpit design and seating arrangement. Lure 10 is fitted with a multi-level, soft cushioned, spacious gravity seat. This seat can be adjusted to a wide range of heights with a simple lever. This seat with adjustable height is a great advantage for anglers. Height is needed to get a view under the water and to scan the surface anglers need a closer look on the water with low seating position.

So Lure 10 is making it very easy for you as the kayaker can just lift the seat upward by moving the lever to have a clearer underwater view and to keep an eye on the trembling water, the kayaker just can lower the seat down by moving the lever. The soft, comfortable seat with a cushioned backrest has been placed in such a way that the kayaker will get all the necessary equipment at their easy reach. The seat has been placed in line with the horizontal axis of the deck so accurately that even with the changing height the stability of the boat does not alter at all. The seat is also movable and replaceable easily.

In front of the seat there is a pair of foot braces to fit the foot comfortable while you take the sit on the cockpit. The braces hold the feet with stand supported strap which provides extra support and balance to your body in case of rowing through unstable waters or in windy weather.

Adjacent to the foot braces, there is a well designed standing platform. The platform has been designed in such a way that the angler can stand tall on the nimble kayak without altering its balance for a single inch.

Although only 10 feet in length and 69 lbs of weight, Lure 10 has a considerable storage capacity. In the centre of the kayak, there is a pair of lockable hatch for dry storage. In addition there is a huge bow hatch which can accommodate a huge quantity of supplies and your hard earned catches. In the bow hatch with bungee cord retainer system, an extra cooler or storage tank can be easily fitted with the kayak which is very helpful during the long hours of angling. With these three storage options, this kayak can carry up to 375 lbs goods on it.

Lure 10 also has the most advanced angling features. It has a pair of flush mounted rod holders. To position the rod holders and other electronic devices like Fish finders and transducers, there is a pair of uni-track rail that can hold the devices and enable the user to change their position.

Besides these, Feelfree has also come up with an ingenious solution to the eternal problem of transporting fishing kayak. It has fitted Lure 10 with “wheel in the keel” which is also one of their patented innovation. This built in wheels in the keel of the kayak allows you to transport the kayak from your vehicle to the waterfront just by lifting the bow and pulling it like a wheeled suitcase.

  • Lure 10 has an extra wide beam of 36 inch which makes it very stable and manoeuvrable fishing kayak.
  • Due to its high stability, it is the most suitable kayak for the young and amaeteur paddlers.
  • It’s standing platform is fitted with comfortable standing pads to keep you balanced, safe and comfortable while you stand on the water and keep an eye on your catch.
  • The uni track rails, flush mounted rod holders give you the options to fit the kayak with a wide range of fishing instruments.
  • As it is only 10 feet long and 36 inches wide, it is quite slow.
  • It weighs 69 lbs which is heavier compared to its length of only 10 feet.
  • This kayak is best suited for fishing in calm rivers, bays, lakes and ponds.

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Lure 10 Accessories:

Feelfree offers you some of the most needed accessories with Lure 10 fishing kayaks. These available accessories are:

Paddle Leash:

Paddle Leash

This pair of nylon rope is used to fasten the paddles with the kayak’s body so keenly that the paddles do not take extra space and remain safe and tight. The light but strong ropes are also very easy to undone that allow the kayaker to take the paddles into action within a second.

Drain Plugs:

Drain Plugs

All the sit on top kayaks are fitted with drain plugs in stern and in bow. These plugs allow the stagnant water inside the kayak to run off and to prevent the water from invading into the vessel. It is essential to keep extra pairs of drain plug with you while preparing for long angling session.

Flush Mounted Rod Holders:

Flush Mounted Rod Holders

Feelfree offer its customers with flush mounted rod holders of two different sizes. Large and small rod holders are available at Feelfree stores. Just pick anything that you need.

Uni-track Rail:

Uni-track Rail

Extra smooth uni-track rails offer easy mounting and positioning of fishing gears like rod holders, electronic devices such as fish finders and transducers.

Uni-Track Bar:

Uni-Track Bar

Instead of uni-track rail, you can also fit your Lure 10 with uni track bar which is similarly effective but more attractive in outlook. The bar not only ensures free movement and easy positioning it also ensures more tight position of the equipment and can manage heavy load. This is also more durable than the rails.

From thorough research, extensive field test and considering its adaptability to new technologies our experts have declared Lure 10 as one of the best fishing kayaks now existing in the world. Excellent, spacious hull design, lightweight, considerable storage capacity and lucrative outlook, this can obviously be the best choice for an angler.

Visit the manufacturer’s website to know more about this kayak and check out the following video to watch its amazing features and performance.


Feelfree has been providing kayakers around the world with some of the best designs and most hi-tech features that have taken the kayaking and kayak fishing to a whole new level. Buy one of these kayaks that we reviewed here after extensive experiment, thorough field test and expert opinions from the most experienced kayakers and get the ultimate taste of fun, adventure and recreation.

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