Review of Wilderness Systems Commander 120 Fishing Kayak

Review of Wilderness Systems Commander 120 Fishing Kayak

Written by Joshua K.


Commander 120 is a Kayak-Canoe hybrid manufactured by Wilderness Systems. Being a hybrid kayak, it has a unification of the speed of a kayak with the stability and spaciousness of a canoe. This is, in fact, a versatile boat that can be used for various purposes ranging from fishing to family tour. However, it is specialized in fishing and you can customize the boat using your favorite fishing tools. Plenty of aftermarket accessories are available for installation. Two seating positions along with easy standing posture is an exceptional feature of Commander 120 Fishing Kayak. Besides, a mind blowing and premium outfitting defines its perfection.




30.25 inches/ 77 cm


12 feet/ 366 cm

Boat Weight

66 lbs. / 30 kg

Maximum Capacity

400 lbs. / 181 kg

Deck Height                                                               

13.5 inches/ 34 cm





  • Skid plate.
  • Drain plug.
  • Rudder included.
  • A slideTrax is included.
  • Has a motor mounting system.
  • Carry handles for easy transport.
  • Bow and stern adjustable bungee storage .
  • The hull is Pontoon style and very spacious.
  • It has dual seating system- inside or on the boat.



  • The seating: As I have already mentioned, you can sit inside or on top of this boat, both positions offering some distinct benefits. The seating is very comfortable. What’s more interesting is that the seat is removable, which means you can take it out of the kayak and use it as a camp chair in case you want a lunch break in the woods.
  • Standing position: Don’t like sitting for hours? This boat provides enough space and stability to stand on it while paddling or fishing.
  • Rudder system: The built in rudder system allows you to navigate the boat while steering with foot pedals.
  • SlideTrax rail system attaches all kinds of compatible accessories including rod holders and many others. Replacement is also a matter of minutes.
  • Spaciousness: The ample space of Commander 120 contributes to two advantages. Firstly, unlike conventional kayaks, the hull is open . So you will not experience the restriction of the sit-in or sit-on-top kayaks rather you can move very easily. Often, more than one person can ride this boat. Secondly, the storage capacity is quite high. The bow and stern bungee storage can accommodate virtually everything. You can also add bungee cord underneath for carrying extra goods.
  • Stability: The pontoon-style hull provides high stability. You can stand and walk on this boat without worrying about flipping.
  • Tracking: It tracks very straight even without the use of the rudder. Turning is also pretty good.
  • Entry and exit are easier.
  • The product is fairly durable


  • The kayak is little too heavy to carry. 30 kg doesn’t seem very friendly, right?
  • It may not be that much slow, still, the speed is not great. It’s a drawback that comes with the pontoon style hull.
  • Hard to handle in rough water especially when a storm approaches.
  • Another concern with this kayak is it lacks a proper bulkhead with a shortage of bulkhead foam.

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Wilderness Systems Commander 120 is a versatile fishing kayak. Whether you are a professional fisherman or a rookie, this is going to be the best assistant for you. Ample room, varied and comfortable seating, enormous scopes for adding accessories- these are the most coveted features you may find in a boat. Additionally, the motor mounting system enables to add a trolling motor to cover greater distances and to attain more speed. True that the weight may be a concern, still I have no hesitation to compromise this little for such an excellent product. Again most of the time the boat will be either in water or in your garage or on the carrier. So there is no good reason to worry about the transportation. After all, very few boats in the market will offer three different casting positions and everything else that Commander 120 Fishing Kayak offers.

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